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Million Dollar Decorators Obsession!

I recently caught the new series on Bravo TV called Million Dollar Decorators and I’m obsessed. They have chosen many talented decorators that I’m thrilled to see. One of my favorites is Mary McDonald who, in a past episode, designed an amazing office for Jill Roberts (a boutique owner in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA). It was amazing how she combined so many patterns and they all worked beautifully together. I absolutely loved it and now it’s given me the inspiration to create a room with different textiles and patterns. Every week I can’t wait for Tuesday night at 9 p.m. CST to watch what stunning designs will inspire me next!

Beautiful color scheme. The floors are to die for!

Look at that patent leather chair it’s crazy, but amazing all at the same time!

Chevron Design

I was inspired to do this blog post by my friends curtains. I was at her house the other day (the cutest house I might add) and she had recently put up some green and white chevron (zig-zag) patterned curtains in her dining room. They looked amazing! They added a great pop of color to the room and the chevron pattern is eye catching but not overpowering AND she made them herself from some super marked down sheets she found. Win, win. So, her curtains got me looking around for more chevron design ideas. Enjoy. 

I love this look because it is so bold! 
(room design by Blount Design)

The design on the floor is very complimentary to the space.

A beautiful all white bathroom with a floor that kicks it up a notch! 

If you don’t want to paint the whole floor, how about this DIY rug from SAS Interiors?

 This wall looks incredible and it’s DIY!! 
(photo from Material Girls via Design Sponge)

Love these pillows from nenavon via Etsy
(just search Chevron on Etsy and over 3,000 options come up!)

LOVE this sofa! 

 Another view of the sofa. It works so well in the room and jazzes it up. 
(room design by Beckwith Interiors)