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Windsor Smith Interiors

You may already be familiar with the work of Windsor Smith. If not, you will probably not forget her after seeing her designs below. Windsor’s work is so elegant with eclectic touches here and there. Each space she creates is superbly polished but they still look 100% comfy and touchable. Here, see what I mean….
(all photos from Windsor Smith)

California Home of Shawn Levy

You may not be familiar with Shawn Levy by just his name (or maybe you are) but I bet you’ve seen some of the movies he’s been behind. Producer of movies like Night at the Museum, Date Night and recently, The Internship, Shawn Levy is all over Hollywood. Shawn’s Mandeville Canyon home (designed by the supremely talented, Windsor Smith) is simple, elegant and beautiful. Their bedroom is fabulous.
(all photos from Veranda)