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A Wall, Half-Painted

Can’t commit to one color for an entire wall? Perhaps half and half is the way for you to go? Painting half of a wall with your color of choice is one way to update a space with a little color but in a subtle way. Here are some ideas –

(photo from Pinecone Camp)
(photo from Design Attractor)

 (photo from Poppytalk)
 (photo from Skona Hem)

Walls in Black and White!

There isn’t another color combo as classic or timeless as black and white. I have been cruising Pinterest and I’m loving the black and white wall ideas I’ve been seeing. What do you think?

 (photo from A Merry Mishap via Design Dazzle)
(photo from Wall Home)
 (photo from Elle Decor via For The Love of Design
 (photo from Style At Home)
 (photo from purodeco)
(photo from vtwonen via Lexoxo)
(photo from Greg Natale)
(photo from Schumacher)

Rethink the Wall!

Paint it, wallpaper it, mosaic it…. you can do so much with your walls. Get creative in just one room, an accent wall or go nuts all over the house! Check out some of these artsy wall designs and get going. : )

LOVE this honeycomb ombre wall!
(photo from Vintage Revivals)
Stones, bricks, tiles, OH MY!! Love that this is inside.
(photo from Residence Magazine)
Stripes, stripes and more stripes!
(photo of Stripes Only by EIJFFINGER Scandinavian Deko)
Boutique walls covered in paper bags. A great way to reuse all those bags from the grocery store and they offer a great look and a different texture.
(photo from House Design)
Go shabby chic with a reclaimed wood wall.
(photo from Pinterest)
 Herringbone tiled wall. Love the various shades in here. 
(photo from Pinterest)
LOVE the mirrored wall!

The Pairing of Green and Blue

Maybe the inspiration for this post came from my new green and blue flip flops? Maybe it was inspired by my recent gaze outside where all I see is green trees with the beautiful blue sky? Either way, green and blue together makes sense.

 I love that headboard
(photo from Pinterest)
AMAZING wallpaper!
(photo from Brunch at Saks)
Oh yes. And, that lamp is adorable!
(photo fro DENY Designs
 Love the back-splash of color!
(photo from Pinterest)
LOVE the various shades of green and blue!
(photo from Decor Pad)
Yes and yes!
(photo from Decor Pad)

Tear Off Wallpaper!!

Have you ever wanted to design your own wallpaper?? The “Tear Off” Wallpaper by ZNAK gets you pretty close to making that dream come true. Each panel of this wallpaper is perforated with squiggly designs that you can peel off to create whatever pattern you like. I love the idea of painting the wall first and then applying the wallpaper!! You’ll see what I mean.
(all photos from design milk)

Picture Stories!

So, I’ve been eying a trend that I think is the new way of dressing up a wall. Picture stories are a simple idea that can go a long way. It is easy to whip up if you have lots of different frames and photos you’ve been dying to display. I think it’s really fun and keeps your room interesting. It’s also a great project that you and and a friend can create. Make it a Challenge and see who can make the best configuration!

I Love how the photos add a nice pop of excitement.

A cool way of reusing old maps!

This looks very clean and modern.

It’s like artwork on a blank canvas.

This is my favorite! It’s very creative.


I’ve got a love for things Ikat. There are so many different designs, lots of color and just one throw pillow can add so much fun to a room! Yep, I heart Ikat.

 Love the lavender and the coral together on this burlap pillow.
(from yiayias via Etsy

How about the African Mod Ikat Pillow from High Fashion Home??  

Love this Bohemian Chic Ikat Pillow, also from High Fashion Home.


The shape of the Astrid Chair is beautiful and would make an eye catching piece in any room.

 The Ikat Ogee Curtains, from West Elm, add texture and a great look to this space.

Check out the Ikat stenciled wall I found via CasaSugar!! Looks AMAZING!!

Fabulous Studio Sofa (in Ikat Graphite) by Nate Berkus via HSN!!