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Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

I love using mirrors. Mirrors make rooms feel bigger, they add personality, the can do double duty for checking your hair and makeup as well as functioning as a piece of art; a piece of art that changes as you move about the room. Love ’em. Here is some mirror inspiration.

 You can go floor to ceiling to really open up an area.
(photo from Pinterest)
 Sunburst and mid-century!!
(photo from desire to inspire)
Or animal inspired!
 Distressed and antique-y. Lovely.
(photo from skona hem)
Use mirrored frames with art already inside of them!
Whimsical and bubbly!!
(photo from Houzz)
A mirror in front of another mirror.
(photo from distillery image)
 Beautiful entry!
(photo from Pinterest)

Plate Collages!!

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and sometimes in the form of plates. A great plate collage on the wall can be just the statement piece your space was missing. Plate collages are super versatile too. Mix and match plates, matchy match them all, use different sizes and shapes….. Here is some inspiration!

A great mix of white and color!! Love.
(photo from shelterness)
Lovely blue and white arrangement.
(photo from LivingEtc. via Remodelista)

Colorful and spaced.
(photo from Houzz)

Even half plates and 3/4 plates! Love the squared off look of this setup.
(photo from Pinterest)
High Fashion Home’s Green Free Form Lily Plates alone would do the job!
Outdoor plate collage!!
Love the placement of this collage!
(photo from Pinterest)