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Villa Vals in Switzerland

The Villa Vals is a unique creation from SeARCH and Christian Muller Architects. The architects wanted to construct a home that would be part of the land not one that would take away from it which is why the majority of the home is underground. Villa Vals is literally set into a mountain slope and has the most incredible views of the Swiss Alps surroundings and is a stones throw away from the Thermal Bath of Vals. Being a house that is mostly underground, Villa Vals doesn’t look claustrophobic and lots of natural light floods the space.  
(FYI, you can actually rent this house)

This is it for the outside of the house. 

To enter the house you must first go through a wooden barn and then a walk through a concrete tunnel takes you to the house.
Oh my gosh! The view! Absolutely gorgeous. This is the patio area for the house.
The living room



The hallway and one of the bedrooms. The ceiling is beautiful.

Another bedroom. I like the built-in bunk beds.