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The Little Couple at High Fashion Home

Jennifer from The Little Couple visited High Fashion Home back in January.  She and her husband, Bill, were looking to decorate their new home that is currently being built.  The episode just aired this past Tuesday.  We weren’t sure if our store was going to make it on an episode, so it was a cool surprise when HFH popped up on the show.

>Gotta Love Nate!!

>Nate Berkus is such a cute, interior designing genius. There, I said it. And, I really love his show. Today he did a segment on wall design without paint. For those of us who live in apartments or lease condos and can’t paint walls, Nate offers his upholstered wall idea. On the show, he actually took a printed tablecloth (but you could use a sheet or other cotton fabric) and “glued” it to the wall with liquid starch. The liquid starch doesn’t harm the walls and is easy to remove when you need to. Check out the video and then get starching!

 That’s the tablecloth on the wall! Looks great and doesn’t look difficult to do. Thanks Nate. : )

Chemistry Cocktail Madness!

This incredible endeavor began in mid-March, when we officially ran out-of-stock on our Chemistry Cocktail Set. It’s our best selling item online, and customers have been placing special orders by the dozens since then. Our original ETA was suppose to be in early April. Then it was late April. Late April turned into May, June, and finally late July.

So fate has it that the day our truck was suppose to arrive, the delivery gets delayed to the late afternoon. Which happens to be just in time for a torrential downpour the likes we haven’t seen since Hurricane Ike came roaring through. We have video to prove our harrowing tale:

Part 1:

And to prove how committed we are to our customer’s happiness, our staff braved the weather to help unload our big shipment of Chemistry Cocktail Sets (broken toes and all). We managed to unload, package, and ship out over 30 sets in less than an hour. Our systems aren’t exactly automated. We have to actually put a lot of manual labor with a splash of TLC to get these orders processed.

Part 2:

Now, we are fully stocked with enough inventory to hopefully last a while. We try to price our items lower than our competitors. Anytime we can sell an item like the Sun and Moon Jar for almost half the price at Target, you know you are doing a good job saving your customers money. And that is a recipe for a happy ending.

Pac Man: The Movie

I found this while perusing the other day and it is just too hilarious not to share. And since we’re all attempting to get things back to normal post-Hurricane Ike, I think funny is in order. If Pac-Man was real, this must be what it’s like.