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Top 10 Green Building Projects 2013 – Fast CoExist

Last month, Fast Company’s CoExist featured 2013’s Top 10 Green Building Projects. These projects include a kids day school, a planned community and the US Army Corps of Engineers Northwest District regional headquarters. These designs are full of earth friendly technology, innovation and are great examples of the direction that modern architecture is moving in.
(all photos from Fast CoExist)

The Norris Houses live in an affordable planned community in Norris, Tennessee. The homes consist of solar hot water panels and passive solar design to help control the interior climate. 
The Charles David Keeling Apartments are on the UC San Diego campus. These apartments feature a solar rooftop array and on-site wastewater recycling.
The Clock Shadow Building houses non-profit health care organizations, an ice cream store and an artisan cheesemaker. The building itself features a rooftop garden, a rainwater harvesting system and carbon neutral energy usage
 The US Army Corps of Engineers Northwest District regional headquarters was constructed on brownfield land in Seattle. You would expect the USACE to use lots of green technology in the design and construction of this building and they did – “a rainwater collection system that will harvest 430,000 gallons of water each year, a building envelope outfitted with high-performing glass, and materials derived from a decommissioned WWII warehouse that was formerly on the site.”
 EHDD included student input and feedback when designing the Marin Country Day School Learning Resource Center and Courtyard. Students were involved from beginning to end, keeping track of the construction process and the end results. Now THAT’S a new idea!

The Merritt Crossing Senior Apartments were built by Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects (they were also responsible for the first housing community for autistic adults). Merritt Crossing was also built on brownfield land and features rooftop solar panels.

Pearl Brewery/Full Goods Warehouse was built on brownfield land in San Antonio, Texas. It features a 67,000 square foot LEED Gold Warehouse, beer vat rainwater tanks and Texas’s largest roof-mounted solar array.

The goal behind San Francisco’s Public Utilities Commission Headquarters was for it to be “the greenest urban building in the United States.” The building features on-site grey and black water treatment, rooftop solar panels and an integrated wind turbine.

The Swenson Civil Engineering Building was made from local material and features an underground storm water retention system and occupancy and daylight sensor controls.

The Yin Yang House has almost net zero energy use and creates all of it’s own energy on-site using a 12-kW solar system. The home also features a green roof and uses passive cooling

Black Walls. A New Trend??

Lately, in several different magazines, I have noticed the use of black paint as the main wall color and then today I came across a post on Apartment Therapy mentioning the use of black walls in small spaces. What do you think? Does anyone have black walls (or a wall) in their home? Chalkboard painted walls don’t count. ; ) 

 I love the look of this dining room! Keeping the furniture and other accents on the lighter side save this room from looking like a cave.
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

The paneled walls look fantastic and check out the black and white striped wall in the other room!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Black and white bedroom… Nice.
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Great looking room. Love the mirrored coffee table.
(photo from Color Buzz)

How about black in the kitchen? The turquoise doors looks amazing with the rest of the room. 

Bora Bora, I Love You!

Bora Bora, I really do love you!

Here is the sequel post to “Maldives, I Love You!“.  I’m going to try and mince few words since the pictures are screaming loud and clear about the meaning of true love.

This is the magical hut from the movie, Couples Retreat.  Hotel accommodations are courtesy of the St. Regis Bora Bora.
I wouldn’t mind crying in front of man, woman, or child with this breathtaking sunset.

There is no need to fly in fresh seafood when you are dining on this island.

The water is so bright and blue that my eyes are actually squinting when I look at this photo.

I just want to drag around a portable chair to different parts of the island in order to just sit and stare at the scenery.

Hello, Yellow

Yellow may not be the first color that comes to mind when decorating a room but why not? It’s bright, cheery, adds a great pop of color and will fit it with the decor better than you think.

 The yellow sofa looks great in this room! There’s a lot of black and white in here and the yellow is a great compliment. Plus the orange of the flowers on the table and the kumquat tree just enhance the space. (photo from Better Homes and Gardens)

First, I love the idea of using decorative paper under a piece of glass to change the look of a bedside table. The lovely yellow and pink paper here just girlies up the table.

This floor is AMAZING!! I love the design and the shade of yellow is fantastic! The floor was a DIY project (using foam board to create the design) on Paisley Wallpaper
(photo found via Kathy Peterson Inspired)

See, the side tables could have very easily been black but the yellow looks so much better!
(photo from examiner

 The yellow doors look awesome!! 
(photo from Remodelista via Fancy House Road)

The yellow cabinets and counters are so fun and look great!

And then, you can always do the walls yellow with a beautiful wallpaper or paint.
(photo from High Fashion Home)


I’ve got a love for things Ikat. There are so many different designs, lots of color and just one throw pillow can add so much fun to a room! Yep, I heart Ikat.

 Love the lavender and the coral together on this burlap pillow.
(from yiayias via Etsy

How about the African Mod Ikat Pillow from High Fashion Home??  

Love this Bohemian Chic Ikat Pillow, also from High Fashion Home.


The shape of the Astrid Chair is beautiful and would make an eye catching piece in any room.

 The Ikat Ogee Curtains, from West Elm, add texture and a great look to this space.

Check out the Ikat stenciled wall I found via CasaSugar!! Looks AMAZING!!

Fabulous Studio Sofa (in Ikat Graphite) by Nate Berkus via HSN!!

Million Dollar Decorators Obsession!

I recently caught the new series on Bravo TV called Million Dollar Decorators and I’m obsessed. They have chosen many talented decorators that I’m thrilled to see. One of my favorites is Mary McDonald who, in a past episode, designed an amazing office for Jill Roberts (a boutique owner in Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, CA). It was amazing how she combined so many patterns and they all worked beautifully together. I absolutely loved it and now it’s given me the inspiration to create a room with different textiles and patterns. Every week I can’t wait for Tuesday night at 9 p.m. CST to watch what stunning designs will inspire me next!

Beautiful color scheme. The floors are to die for!

Look at that patent leather chair it’s crazy, but amazing all at the same time!

Tug of War: Which Setting Would You Dine In?

We have two amazing dining rooms that express great style, but which one tops the cake? There’s So Bazaar that runs along the lines of eclectic chic. It uses stunning bright colors to create a tropical/ethnic look that makes you feel like you took a trip to a foreign country. Who wouldn’t love something as inspiring as So Bazaar! On the flip side, we have jump back a few decades to revisit yesteryear. Pop Life will fill your space with modern ideals and help create a unique atmosphere that is contemporary, but feels like home. Which is your feasting abode? Go to High Fashion Home’s Facebook page and let know which dining you would prefer. Leave a comment on your favorite and you will be entered to win a gift card for $200! Click here to enter.