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The Home of The Remodelista!

Francesca Connolly is one of the brain’s behind Remodelista; an uber popular design website (I’m sure you know it and her). Francesca recently let Elle Decor in for a tour of her Brooklyn townhouse. With the help of Steven Harris and interior designer, Lucien Rees Roberts, the Connolly home is understated but still eclectic, classy and full of personality. Love.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

I Heart This Brownstone!

I am completely in love with this house. The design of Cristina Azario‘s townhouse is beautiful with the big windows and long walls of bookshelves and cabinets but the classic yet eclectic furniture mix is what really brings it all together. Just gorgeous. 
(all photos from Elle Decor)

 Oh my gosh. This space makes me so happy. I LOVE the wall of bookshelves, all the light streaming in the giant windows, the chairs from Brazil and the rugs from Turkey. Love.

 The Kilim-covered chairs in the same space as the beautiful white sofa…. love.

 This is one of my favorite kitchens ever! So much space, natural light, dark wood floors and I love that the stairs throw a nice angle in there.

 Ahhhh! A double-decker terrace! Yes!

 Homeowner, Cristina Azario, is a linens designer and she designed the room changing, hemp-covered headboard and linen bedding. Beautiful!

Such a dreamy bathroom. I would add a chandelier in here. : )