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Tribeca Townhome

I love the variety of looks going on in this fabulous Tribeca home! Some rooms are super polished and refined while others are more relaxed and eclectic. Perfectly mixing colors, lots of texture, bold prints and unique accents, has created a warm, eclectic and inviting abode.
(all photos from Luxe Source)

Eclectic Brooklyn Townhouse

Full of color, artful wallpapers and bold prints, this Brooklyn townhouse by Miles Redd is bursting with personality. There’s an eclectic mix of furniture and decor accents; nothing boring going on in here. The living room has a Midsummer Night’s Dream, gardenesque feel while other parts of the house are more classic but brimming with creativity. The peacock feather wallpaper in the bathroom is pretty amazing. Well done. (all photos from House Beautiful)