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Destination – Soneva Resorts!!

It’s time for a vacation! Right?! I’m sure we could all use one… Unless you are already on one, in which case, CONGRATS! If you’re not though, these pictures may get you inspired to get out! Soneva Resorts = 100% AMAZING!!! Soneva Fushi is nestled in the supremely gorgeous Maldives and Soneva Kiri is in breathtaking Thailand. Both feature incredible villas that you would probably never want to leave. Get your passport ready, STAT!!
(all photos from Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri)

Residence Villa Noi in Thailand

The Villa Noi Residence, near Phang Nga Bay in Thailand, is absolutely serene and gorgeous. The lush surroundings only add to the simple beauty of this home. Natural wood, brick, sandstone, glass and even live pine trees were used to create this heavenly space. Yes, live pines trees exist inside of this home. The architects at Duangrit Bunnag Studio built around the trees instead of cutting them down giving the entire project a very unique look.
(all photos from Design Rulz)