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Houzz’s – To Chop or Not to Chop

Last week, we received the huge honor of being featured in Houzz’s Ideabook – To Chop or Not to Chop (pillows, that is)!!! First, THANK YOU, HOUZZ!!! 🙂 Second, we wanted to share the Ideabook and some of the photos they featured.

For those of you that are not familiar with pillow chopping, it’s literally lightly karate chopping the center of the top seam (or sometimes on the side) on your throw pillows. Chopping pillows has become a popular way to give pillows more shape and enhance their look on a sofa, chair or bed. Whether you yell “Hiya!!” when you do this is completely up to you. Enjoy, HIYA!!

 Our Sea Glass Room Idea that was featured in the Houzz Ideabook!!

 Photo from Niki Papadopoulos via Houzz

 Photo from Susan Glick Interiors via Houzz

Photo from Jennifer Brouwer via Houzz

Photo from Terrat Elms via Houzz