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Roman’s Top Ten Countdown # 7

Hi Everyone! This next one took me a while because I didn’t know what was worth the #7 spot. The Shi Shi Table (#049651; $859) is a mirrored gem of a table and is definitely a glamorous addition to your home.
The curved legs of the table is what makes this an outstanding piece, in my opinion.

Roman’s Top Ten Countdown # 8

This next post goes out to those of you who march to the beat of your own drum. The Drum Bookcase with Stand (#037428; $2249) comes in at #8 on my list and is from our new vendor, Halo. If you’re asking yourself if that name sounds familiar, it’s because it does. It’s the same vendor that brought you the Cushion Spindle Back Swedish Bench that you guys loved so much!

The shelves are 19″ deep and are big enough to fit Grammy and Oscar awards (I have so many that I had to buy two of these drums!), your design awards, or even your children’s most treasured trophies. The drum itself stands at a height of 4ft and 4 1/2 ft with the stand. This is definitely a piece that your friends would be envious of!

Roman’s Top Ten Countdown # 9

Anyone who truly knows me knows that I like anything and everything that reminds me of Pride and Prejudice and when I saw the following piece I just fell in heart with it. So, without further adieu, I give you number #9 on my fabulous list, the Cushion Spindle Back Swedish Bench (#037436; $2659).

The Cushion Spindle Back Swedish Bench comes to you via Halo, our newest addition to our spectacular vendors. The antique white washed finish on the frame, the stone colored cushions, and the size of the piece are so ideal and work well together! If you are not feeling the color of the cushions, don’t forget that you can always get them reupholstered.

(Spoiler Alert: Keep a look out for more Halo products in Roman’s Top Ten Countdown!)

Our Rising Star!

Are you busy the night of May 23rd? Well, cancel your plans because I’ve got something better. Our incredibly talented store displayer (and my very good friend), Cynthia Bogart is making her solo debut, entitled Hey You, at Laszlo’s Warehouse, featuring her newest works on paper. If the above flyer hasn’t sold you on how amazing her paintings will be, then perhaps it’s best that you see them in person. It’s going to be an amazing opening!

Saturday, May 23rd from 7-10.

109 Welch St.

Houston, TX

For more information email:

Earth Day 2009: Anthropologie Green Displays!

Courtesy of Apartment Therapy, check out these 4 green display ideas from Anthropologie.

These bulbs might not be energy efficient. Instead of throwing them a way after they burn out, you can reuse them to make for a super cool chandelier.
Why throw away your plastic forks and knives after that picnic? You make a ridiculously, textured wall paper.
Cut out old book covers and fabric to make wall art that would make the uncreative class jealous.
Recover bookshelves out of old fabric remnants.

ABC Carpet & Home. Where Amazing Happens!

ABC Home’s mission statement revolves around an eco-friendly initiative. (photo courtesy of

ABC Carpet & Home is a mega chic, home furnishings emporium located on Broadway in New York City. It’s the largest rug and carpet store in the world, attracting 1 million visitors a year.

The company’s array of products include not only carpets and rugs but also antiques, furniture, textiles, gifts and accessories, and bed and bath items. Because of its inventive displays and eclectic offerings, ABC has been called “Disneyland for rich adults.” Visiting ABC is like sifting through a sea of charming, impeccable, eclectic furnishings. It’s one part flea market, one part grandmother’s attic, and one part Rodeo Drive.

You’ll probably end up shopping and getting lost for hours. If you need a little halftime break, there is a cafe that sits at the back of the main floor. The menu consists of great organic food. I definitely recommend the hummus.

I usually end up visiting New York at least twice a year, and I always make it a point to visit. Here are some pictures I’ve collected of this amazing store. Feast your eyes on some home decor bliss.

How cool is that? Flowers covering the elevator on the first floor.

Looks like professional photography from Metropolitan Home. Not! It’s just our Canon camera.

Store merchandising is always easier when you have a cool, old building with 25 foot high ceilings.

Love the chaise.

This is their Barbara Barry gallery on the 4th floor.

Yes, that is our Hugo sofa. I’m partial to our piece in white.

Towels! More Towels!

Cool, spontaneous vignette on a green platform.

Here is one of many eco-friendly furniture lines they carry. The sectional is from Cisco Brothers.

I can’t afford most of the chandeliers, but I have to admit that they are pretty jaw dropping.

Some of their Asian-influenced pillows and accessories on the 1st floor.

The Galleria Madness Continues…

Not wanting our area to get stale, we switched out the furniture for a fresher, lighter, Spring look for April! What do you think?

For arguments sake, let’s call this the front. The Melina Bed in natural, earth tones flanked by two side tables.

A very rustic Louis Bookcase conjures images of Springtime antiquing trips!

I love the blue velvet used to cover these chairs. It adds a good dose of color to the neutral Louis Dining Table.

We wouldn’t dare get rid of the Teak Root Coffee Table! It pairs perfectly with everything, including the Chester Sofa.

The very cool Dome Chair actually blocks out some of the noise when you sit in it! It would be an excellent book-reading chair!

Continuing the “Natural” theme with Tree Stump Sculptures atop the 9-Drawer Sideboard.

The fabric on these chairs is so soft. People couldn’t help but touch them!

I think this area is my favorite. Adding a little greenery is always a good choice, whether it’s real (in the mini-greenhouse) or fake (on the chair). The Bowling Desk is a great little writing desk, too!

Passers-by in the Galleria seemed to like the pieces we chose for the area. Hopefully, we’ll impress them even more with next months vignette! We’ll keep you posted!