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Wall, Paper, Stickers!

Okay, I know that I did a post about the Frames Wallpaper earlier this week but when I saw this wallpaper I HAD to post about it too!! These wall coverings are created by artist, Payton Cosell Turner and she uses stickers to make them. YES, stickers! Every bit of design that you see on the wallpaper is created by thousands of stickers. She uses any sticker that strikes her fancy whether it’s tiger stickers or pizza slice stickers or flower stickers… she uses them all! The best thing about this idea of hers is that it’s something any of us can do too!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Yep, thousands of stickers! Looks amazing, right?!

Closer view of the wallpaper. I see flowers, bears, pizzas, blue ribbons and so much more.

The lady behind (or in this picture, in front of) the wallpaper, Payton Cosell Turner.