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California Home of Shawn Levy

You may not be familiar with Shawn Levy by just his name (or maybe you are) but I bet you’ve seen some of the movies he’s been behind. Producer of movies like Night at the Museum, Date Night and recently, The Internship, Shawn Levy is all over Hollywood. Shawn’s Mandeville Canyon home (designed by the supremely talented, Windsor Smith) is simple, elegant and beautiful. Their bedroom is fabulous.
(all photos from Veranda)

Country French!!

The home of Mathilde Labrouche in Southwest France is fabulous. It’s old, it has unfinished paint, beautiful stone and hardwood flooring, it looks it could fall apart at any minute (even though it’s won’t)… even some of the furniture looks that way (but it’s not) and I love it all!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

 The ram’s head sculpture makes quite a statement.

 I mean, this could be a painting!

 The turquoise doors add a nice pop of color.

 Mathilde designed the bed to the right.