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Back to School!!

In honor of most kids returning to school this week, I have been searching the net for interesting back to school ideas or really just anything school-ish. I came across some fun things that I thought worth sharing.

LOVE this idea for a lunch chart. It gets the kids involved AND takes the brain power needed to come up with yummy ideas each day, away from you. 
(idea, photo and downloads from Martha Stewart)
Give the kids a place to hang their backpacks. And the corkboard is great for pinning schedules, events or whatever else. 
(photo from Houzz)
If you do need some lunch inspiration, this blog has some great resources.
(photo from Moms by Heart)
A wonderful idea for storing your kids artwork!
(idea and photo from Martha Stewart)
How about a back to school party! Too late for this year but a good idea for next year!
(photo from Tutto Bella)
Kids don’t usually get to draw all over the chalkboards at school so bring the chalkboard home!
(photo from City Grace)