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Incredible Before & After by Amber Interiors

Amber Interiors, I LOVE her work! We’ve bragged on the interior amazingness of Amber Lewis before and she has completely transformed this home into something quite special. Before Amber gave the house a face lift, each room was a bit lackluster and needed a little more personality. Layering accessories, adding colorful rugs, infusing each space with great texture, switching the dated pieces with beautiful modern furniture, took the home from eh to incredible!!
(all photos from Amber Interiors)

Playful San Francisco Home

I love when people with perfecly put together homes leave room for the space to breathe and feel playful. That’s exactly what’s happening in his incredible San Francisco home. Great color, unique furniture pieces and eye popping rugs flow from room to room, pumping up the personality factor, creating a brilliant and interesting home.
(all photos from Home Adore)

John Robshaw’s Manhattan Apartment

John Robshaw designs textiles and boy is that evident when you look at his Manhattan apartment. His home is loaded with beautiful prints and fabrics and colors! I love this space because it has such a personal look and feel to it. I love it all!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Rug Layering!!

Sure, one rug is good but two can look GREAT! Layer rugs of different textures, prints and colors to give your room a new look. Here’s some inspiration.

Love the colors in these rugs!
(photo from Emmas DesignBlogg)
How about an animal skin rug on top of seagrass or jute?
(photo from Mix and Chic)
LOVE all the color in this rug by Amber Lewis
(photo and textile from Amber Interiors via Because It’s Awesome)
 Lots of beautiful blue here!
(photo from Kishani Perera)
Gorgeous Turkish Rugs!
(photo from House Beautiful)
You can still use your small area rug! Just on top of another one.
(photo from The Decorologist)
Same style of rug just in different sizes!
(photo from Kika Reichert)
(photo from HGTV)
Down the hallway.
(photo from Posh.)

Sung as a Rug on the Wall!

I know this isn’t a new idea but I have been so inspired by all the rugs on the wall pictures I’ve been seeing! Sure, they look good on the floor too but sometimes they really do look better hanging front and center on your wall!

 How about this Postage Stamp Rug!! 
(photo via Postage Stamp Rugs)

I love the colors in this space, decorated by Martyn Lawrence-Bullard! The rug looks perfectly at home above the bed!
(photo found via 75th and Sedgwick)
Another room with great color!! And the rug on the wall is by Thomas Paul.
(photo via Apartment Therapy)
Very neutral decor and a simple rug on the wall. 
(photo via The Lonny Blog)
 I love the idea of hanging the rug from ceiling to floor! And that small piece draping above the bed adds an interesting look.
Very cool rug! 
(photo via The Design Files)
Love everything about this dining space! The rug art is great!
(photo via Design Sponge)
Woody Wood Rug on the wall! Love that green dresser too!
(photo via YLDesign)

Justin Timberlake…… Home Goods Designer???

Yes, yes, it’s true! Justin Timberlake and longtime friend/interior designer, Estee Stanley, have worked together to design a line of home goods and art that will be available via HomeMint, in May. Elle Decor interviewed both Justin and Estee and shared photos of a few pieces from their collection. Notice the blue and white?? I told you it was a trend right now! Check it out!
(photos from Elle Decor)

Estee and Justin

Touches of Blue and White!

My mom has forever loved using blue and white to decorate with. I mean, she LOVES those colors together. Used in a room, blue and white give the space a crisp, clean, classic look. Blue and white decor is also very on trend right now. ( You will see more of it in our Justin Timberlake post tomorrow!)

Designer, David Lawrence recently designed a Hampton home using plenty of blue and white touches. I love those rugs!
(photos from House Beautiful)

The fabulous blue and white rug is from Madeline Weinrib. Rattan benches on said rug are from Mecox Gardens.

 I love this little area so much! Antique cast-iron table with leather top and chairs from Ralph Pucci.
 Another incredible rug by Oscar de la Renta for Elson & Company.