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Blank to Beautiful Dining Room

Recently, High Fashion Home paired up with Elle Decor to discuss some tips on how to create the perfect dining room. Given an empty space, there are some tried and true design ideas that are worth repeating. One of my biggies, for sure, are curtains. I love curtains and how they transform a room! Check out the Elle Decor article for the complete list! Thank you, Elle Decor!!
(all photos from Elle Decor)

10 Simple Home Makeover Ideas from House Beautiful!

House Beautiful asked their readers to offer up their best easy home makeover ideas that they have personally put into use in their own homes. You may have already heard of or used some of these ideas and some may be new. Either way, simple DIY ideas for home improvement are ALWAYS worth reading!
(all photos from House Beautiful)

 Kick that cabinet up a notch with color paint, wallpaper or fabric!
This reader used old dictionary pages as Unique Wall Art!
Have oddly places windows? Emi, Ashley and Amanda from Alabama suggest curtaining all the walls and giving you a more blank canvas for placing furniture…. Even hanging art in front of those curtains just the way you would if it were a wall.
This House Beautiful reader in Canada added some Rock ‘N Roll to this room adding some artwork and painting the bed a bright red.
 Barn Doors! These are popping up everywhere. In this case, they have been installed on sliding rails and used as a room divider.
Display your collection. I love that accent table too.
 Include a statement piece. Updated something that you already have or shop around for a new eye catching item.
Decoupage an old piece to give it new life! Gloria from Virginia suggested using old book pages for this makeover.
Throw some Lacquer around! The chalkboard wall is an easy do too.
 I can personally vouch for this makeover idea of just adding new, colorful pillows to your sofa (or bed). I got new Euro pillows for my bed after Christmas and it made me feel like I had a whole new bed and livened it up A LOT!

10 Decorating Ideas!!

I have been told that people love a good top ten list…. David Letterman sure does! Anyhoo, here is a list of 10 quick decorating ideas as told by House Beautiful! Enjoy!

Hang a curtain. I actually did this in my house to separate the living area from the bedroom area. It does look really nice when it’s just hanging there but serves a purpose too! I got my track and curtain at IKEA.
Mix and Match the bedding. I have to admit, I am not too great at this one yet but I’m trying!
Put an antique in the bathroom. I love the look of this!
Paint an inexpensive piece of furniture white. This homeowner bought an old table for $60 at an estate sale and gave it a high gloss white paint makeover!
Cover a wall with plates. Our Green Free From Lily Plates would be FANTASTIC for this!