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Steel Framed Windows

Simple, clean with a touch of industrial, steel framed windows are hot business right now. Steel framed windows look so polished and chic but still laid back and not overdone.

Photo from Paul Barbera via CULTIVER
 Photo from Remodelista
 Photo from Home Dsgn

Row on 25th in Houston!!

Row houses are not the most common form of architecture for today’s residential structures (at least, not here in Houston) but are they making a comeback? Matthew and Tina Ford of Shade House teamed up with Holden Shannon to design and build Row on 25th in the Houston Heights. The homes are of simple design and can be outfitted in 2 different styles – laminated kitchen cabinets and ash flooring OR stainless steel kitchen cabinetry and reclaimed wood floors. The interiors are spacious, open and modern and each home has a small patio space for enjoying the Houston weather. What do you think??
(all photos from Remodelista, Dwell and Shade House)

Gardenista – Fantasy Garden Shed Pinterest Contest!!

We all love Pinterest contests!! Gardenista (sister site of Remodelista) announced their Pinterest Fantasy Garden Shed Contest today. The prize is a Folding Potting Table from Williams-Sonoma Agrarian.If you’ve got a green thumb, well, even if you don’t but you love gardening and sheds, the this is the contest for you!!
(photos from Gardenista)

 Inspiration from Better Homes and Gardens.
The Grand Prize – Folding Potting Table from Williams-Sonoma Agrarian.

Plate Collages!!

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and sometimes in the form of plates. A great plate collage on the wall can be just the statement piece your space was missing. Plate collages are super versatile too. Mix and match plates, matchy match them all, use different sizes and shapes….. Here is some inspiration!

A great mix of white and color!! Love.
(photo from shelterness)
Lovely blue and white arrangement.
(photo from LivingEtc. via Remodelista)

Colorful and spaced.
(photo from Houzz)

Even half plates and 3/4 plates! Love the squared off look of this setup.
(photo from Pinterest)
High Fashion Home’s Green Free Form Lily Plates alone would do the job!
Outdoor plate collage!!
Love the placement of this collage!
(photo from Pinterest)

Small but in Napa!

I love when small spaces are featured in magazines, blogs etc!! I love them even more when the small home looks as beautiful as Wendy Furman’s does. There is nothing flashy about her home and it has a calm, simplistic beauty to it. AND, it’s in Napa Valley!! Working with only 643 square feet can be tough but small changes can make a big impact in spaces like this one. She removed kitchen cabinet doors to open the space and took the divider out of an opening between the living room and kitchen creating more breathing room.
(all photos from Remodelista and you can see more of Wendy’s creations at Whim & Caprice)

 See! The space would have felt so claustrophobic without that opening in the wall! 

 The open shelving gives the kitchen more depth.

 I love her idea of using the contrasting gray paint in the back of the cabinet!!


 Long, low bookshelves provide plenty of storage space but don’t consume the room.

The Home of The Remodelista!

Francesca Connolly is one of the brain’s behind Remodelista; an uber popular design website (I’m sure you know it and her). Francesca recently let Elle Decor in for a tour of her Brooklyn townhouse. With the help of Steven Harris and interior designer, Lucien Rees Roberts, the Connolly home is understated but still eclectic, classy and full of personality. Love.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

Mobile Beach Hut!!

Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of house, someone comes along and presents something like this mobile beach cabin! Crosson, Clarke, Carnachan Architects created these “huts on sleds” in coastal erosion zones in New Zealand. The portability of the house is important because in these erosion zones the landscape can change drastically so being able to move the home to a more secure location is key. BUT, the house is not short on awesome! It accommodates a family of 5, has everything a house needs, can be closed up completely when not in use and looks good while doing all that! Sign me up!!
(photos from Remodelista)