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Perfectly Purple-y in Massachusetts

I love everything about this fabulous Massachusetts home! Each room has it’s own look but they all work so well together. So many great prints, textures and I love all of the purple!
(all photos from House Beautiful)

Purple, Purple, Purple!!!

I have been looking at a lot of purple lately so perhaps that’s why this blog post came about. I found lots of fabulous examples for using purple in a room. It really is a beautiful color and is both bright and warm. Enjoy!!
(FYI, the reason for all the purple exposure is because it’s my daughter’s favorite color AND she wants to be a purple bat for Halloween so mommy is making it happen! Bought my purple fabric today! Thanks High Fashion Fabrics.)

 I love the purple on this wall! And the sofa color is extremely complimentary. Beautiful.
(photo from Curbly)
 LOVE these chairs!!
(photo from Tchochkes and chairs are from Madeline Weinrib)

You could always paint the ceiling purple too!

Purple curtains and a purple couch. The curtains look great with the other more neutral colors in the room.
(photo from sweet home decorate)
The Duncan Chair is beautiful in deep purple. 
 I adore Isabel Quiroga’s Storyteller creation. She took old tables, painted them purple, stacked them and now they serve as shelves. This is so creative and looks fantastic in purple!
(photo from tevami)
 You could always go for a purple chandelier!
(photo from Porter House Designs and chandelier is from Murano Imports)

Purple and black.
(photo from Homecreat)