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All About the Vanities!!

I always loved watching my grandmother put her make-up and jewelry on at her vanity. I have very vivid memories of sitting on her little bench (once she was finished) and going through all her lipsticks and earrings, rings and necklaces…. what fun! Now that I’m a grown-up (haha) I would love to have my own vanity that my daughter could play at when I’m finished decorating my face. Here’s some vanity inspiration (mirrored vanities are very popular) –

 Love the mirrored vanity!
(photo from Graham and Green)
 Love everything about this!!
(photo from Pinterest)
(photo from Graham and Green)
 So fabulous!
(photo from this blogspot)
Love all this pink and the pop-up mirror in this vanity!!
(photo from here)
This mirrored vanity is very antique-y and beautiful. I LOVE all the pictures stuffed around the frame of the mirror!!
(photo from Lauren Conrad)
Very simple and lovely.
(photo from Houzz)
Love the color, the dress form…. everything!!

Tug of War: Is Your Favorite the Caitlin or the Kingston?

The classic dilemma for most High Fashion Home customers, which item should I buy?  We need your help to settle the debate. To vote, just root for your favorite below, by posting a comment on their side.  The side with the most comments wins and you’re also entered to win a $200 gift certificate. Winner will be selected on January 24th! Click Here to enter.

The Caitlin Armless Chair
The Kingston Chair

Think Pink!

I do love the color pink. It’s the most girly of all girly colors and when used well in a space, pink can really brighten things up and add interest to the room. I found some great pictures of rooms where pink is used and looks fabulous. Enjoy! : )

I don’t think I would have ever thought to paint all the cabinets pink but they look incredible! And then little pink splashes in the other rooms look beautiful.
(photo from Fancy House Road)

LOVE the pink and black chair!!

Yep, a pink desk! Love it, right? Also, a great idea to have the chalkboard wall and calendar behind it!

Yes, yes and yes to all of these pink ideas! The pink pillows look fabulous on the brown couch. I love the pink ruffle throw and side table! 
(photo from Fancy House Road)