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Roman’s Top Ten Countdown #10

I have compiled a top ten list of my favorite items that we just got in from market. We have not yet had a chance to update the High Fashion Home website, but trust me, we will. The two following items have tied for number ten in my fabulous list!!

I love this item!! The Raindrop Rug (#037478), shown in Desert with Brown (6×9 – $1279), is made out of recycled ties (dark spirals) and polyester pebble chamois. These rugs are so comfortable that you can sleep on them, if need be, and come in an array of different colors.

This 4 part Mason Light Fixture (#049644; $659) looks so amazing and different from anything I have seen in a while. It’s a great size, luminous, and looks great with two placed side by side.

In My Mailbox

Whoever does the styling for Anthropologie is a sartorial genius! Every issue of the catalog is such a great source of inspiration for me, and this month’s was no exception. Some very lovely things caught my eye…

Bespeckled tights for chilly days on page 27…

A vibrantly colored rug on page 24…

Plates to bring out your inner Picasso on page 21…

Perfectly ladylike boots with a bow on page 6…

Thank you, Anthropologie. I had an inspiring morning!

Baby, It’s Hot Outside

There is nothing worse than coming in from the 100 degree heat just to get into a hot bed. You wouldn’t wear a coat in July, so why should your bed? I adhere to the idea of using the hot months as a chance to change up my bedroom a little bit and just use sheets. Okay, and maybe a light blanket, because that air conditioning can get drafty. When I use my patterned comforter, I stick to basic white sheets, but when the duvet is a away, the sheets can play (or something like that). Here are the ones I have my eye on:

Rubie Green’s East Village Sheet Set, $179-229

Crate & Barrel’s Tallulah Sheet Set, $45-$80

West Elm’s Printed Percale Sheet Set, $79-119

Dwell Studio’s Draper Stripe Sheet Set, $286-$341

Plover Organic’s Drowsy Vine Sheet Set, $228-$269 at Anthropologie

Hey Mama

It took me too long to realize just how cool my mom is. Sorry, Mom! I knew for sure she was cool the other day when I was checking out the pillows on Jonathan Adler’s website and some of the patterns looked strangely familiar…

My mom made these pillows and the bench cushion when she and my dad lived on the East Coast for the Navy in the late 60’s/early 70’s.

The pillows and bench are needlepointed in a Bargello style motif. What was very cool back then is cool once again.

Look familiar? The bottom right pillow in the Chevron pattern is the same one my mom used to cover her bench (except for the colors, of course!). Oh, Mom… You’re so cool.

Jonathan Adler pillows, clockwise from top left: Bargello Waves Pillow in Multi, 16×16, $125; Bargello Puzzle Pillow, 22×22, $175; Bargello Chevron Pillow, 22×22, $175; Bargello Kaleidoscope Pillow, 12×12, $95.

Technology Bites

Sihna-Stanic Spring 2009 Show… Even the backdrop is pixelated!

Is low-res the new high fashion? Pixelated patterns are everywhere and, if you ask me, the geometry is so sweet.

Casly Tank by Miss Sixty (via Lucky‘s April 09 issue)

Pixelated patriotism at the BET Inauguration Ball.

Mike & Maaike “Stolen Jewels” (Read about their process… it’s wicked!)

Rug designed by ADAM by Adam Lippes for the Fashion Underfoot Collection @ Elson & Company.

Is it just me, or is Dries Van Noten always on point?