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Silver Chic Designs

I checked out Etsy today looking for neat earring holders/organizers. Originally I was looking for some sort of tree type earring holder but I came upon these amazing twisty copper things and I fell in love with them. They are such simple, clever designs and are very visually appealing. I liked them so much I even put one on my Amazon wishlist (another wonderful thing, by the way). Tonight I went back to Etsy and looked at these items again and noticed that the designer of these wonderful creations is right here in Houston!! Please check out Silver Chic Designs… you’ll see what I’m talking about.

 I love the twisty, loopy, copperyness of it all! This one is called the Copper Vortex. It’s a great way to display your earrings and it can easily rest on top of your dresser. I like that it makes use of vertical space so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Plus, it looks so neat!

This is the Lombard Street Earring Hanger. I love the snakish shape AND you can hang it on a closet rod; which is perfect if you don’t have much dresser top space.

 Here is the Birdcage Bracelet Organizer. Another different looking and beautiful piece.

This is so beautiful! It’s the Tropical Breezes Necklace Hanger. Of course it could be used for bracelets too!

Give the Treble Clef Earring Display to the music lover in your life. Every piece looks so well made and unique.

 She also has some pretty necklaces in the mix. This is the Stone Painting Necklace.

Lovely Home in Charlotte

I saw this house while checking out Southern Living. The house is so classic and beautiful on the outside and it just gets better once you walk through the door. I really enjoy the different prints and colors used throughout the house. Love it.

I have always loved houses that look like this one.

The family room. I love this room so much! Every piece of furniture is a different print but they all work so well together. That mirror? Fuhgettaboutit! : ) And there is plenty of seating so everyone can hang out together.

Now, green is my favorite color so I love the green walls and other little touches of green in this kitchen. Even if it weren’t green I would still love it. I think every kitchen needs to have an island. I like the big window and the mix of glass door and solid door cabinets.

I LOVE that the stove is set in an alcove! I’m not sure why other than I think it looks neat.

The breakfast area is great! Yes, I love the lime green chairs but I also think the bench seating along the wall is very smart and then the storage space under that seating is brilliant!

The dining room looks great! I absolutely LOVE the chandelier!!

Daughter’s bedroom. Of course, more green (love it) and I like the little reading corner complete with tent. The wallpaper is fun too and livens up the whole room.

This is the son’s room. Love the bright colored bedding in the same room as the black and white curtains!

This is the “office“. Truly, it’s my kind of office. Very organized and uncluttered. Nice.

The parent’s bedroom is much more neutral and simple but still very great looking.

Love, love this bathroom! It’s got so much great light coming in. I bet a bath in that tub is so relaxing!

Elfa Closet Giveaway!!

Last Friday I posted about celebrity closets and used some pictures from Elle Decor. This week Elle Decor is teaming up with The Container Store to give away a $1500.00 closet makeover!!! Amazing! For those of you who are not familiar with the Elfa line at The Container Store check it out here. I’ve posted some pictures too (all pictures are of closet solutions that are $1500.00 or less). I have Elfa shelving in my house and I love it! Enter the contest…. You could be the lucky winner!!

This free standing setup could be used in a reach on closet.

 A wall mounted reach in closet solution.

I like the pant hangers at the bottom.

Lots of space for everything.

Get To Work

What girl doesn’t love cute desk accessories? If you have to go to that evil place where they hold your paycheck every day*, you might as well make yourself smile with fun thumbtacks and sticky notes.  All products are from Girl Of All Work and Knock Knock.
Start off by replacing those plain ol’ silver, metal thumbtacks with fabric covered ones.  Much prettier.  And for those of you needing magnets… you’re welcome.
Are you the type of girl who hosts happy hours specifically to rant about your boss?  Then maybe this is a little more your style.  Slip a copy of US Weekly into one of these folders at your next pointless meeting.
Nice: Cuckoo clock sticky notes on which you can draw clock arms to fill in the time.  Naughty:  Sticky notes meant for teasing your coworkers (whether they can take the joke or not).
Make sure you take every morsel of information away from that TPS report by flagging the important stuff with pretty page flags.  Mark your spot with a magnetic origami bookmark so you can read it at home in bed.  Just what you wanted!

* I would be referring to your place of work, not mine.  My workplace is a bucket of sunshine and daisies all the time.

You’ve Got Piles and Piles of Mail!

Did anyone out there resolve to be more organized this year? The question for me is, when don’t I resolve to get more organized? One of the worst culprits for me is the mail. I pick it up, bring it inside, and dump it on the coffee table. I manage to pull out all of the bills I need to pay, but everything else, from magazines to oil change discount flyers, sits on that table until I get motivated enough to sort through the massive stack that has accumulated. And then there are times when I have more than one stack going! It’s insanity!

On to my point… I really love this DIY mail sorter by Bright & Blithe! Imagine that! A home for my mail! No more running around the apartment in the morning berating myself for not being able to find the electricity bill, because it will be sitting snugly in the ‘to be paid’ folder. Another plus: this thing is seriously easy to make (with basic sewing skills). No more piles of mail on the coffee table? Hubby will be so proud!

Got Storage?

If you’re anything like me, you have a lot of, for lack of a better term, crap hanging around. This is probably the chief complaint my husband has with our small, one-bedroom apartment. I have too much stuff and not enough places to hide it all. That’s why I find myself dreaming of these cabinets that I pulled from an issue of Domino…

Literally, a place for everything! Store the kids’ stuff on the lower shelves. Leave some door-less to display your good-lookin’ books and knick-knacks. Then, when the threat of visitors looms, hide it all behind closed doors. I think my favorite thing about this is that the family made this themselves! Now, that’s impressive. I’ll be sure to add this to the honey-do list…

Resolution: Organize

My goal? Not quite, but it is a beauty! Photos via Domino unless otherwise noted. 

Who hasn’t let out a sigh of frustration at the sight of their closet? I recently took a look at the state of mine and wanted to throw everything out and start over! Though on my budget, that’s not an option. Since adding all of my new husband’s clothes to my large, but full, closet, we haven’t done any organizing. But now it’s a new year, and I am determined to make the time. Often, we have an idea of what we’d like the end result to be: A copy of the impossibly perfect closets we see in Martha Stewart Living, but usually I can’t get there because I piddle out halfway through the process lacking the necessary inspiration and direction. This time, though, I’m going in with a game plan with a little help from the masters: Domino, House Beautiful, and Martha Stewart.

A mirror or framed picture can spruce up an otherwise bland space.

Step One: Where to begin? House Beautiful had a great tip for that question (and a fantastic article that must be read in full): “Ask yourself: If all of this were gone tomorrow, what would I miss?” Refer to that answer as you clean out the overworn, the ill-fitting, and the uncomfortable pieces. It amazes me that I probably only wear about one-third of the things I own. Every time I purge I still hang on to some things that should have been donated ages ago. With that thought in mind, I can get rid of the things that are just taking up valuable space and make room for some shiny, new things I’ll really wear!

Labelled baskets are a closet’s best friend!

Step Two: Prepare for the New! Out with the old, in with the new, but not before the closet is prepped and ready for some much needed additions. This is the part where you get inspiration from photos and magazines! I’ve come up with a few goals I’d like to accomplish: First, to add shelving to the floor space for our shoes and boots. They’re closer to my feet that way and easier to see, as opposed to using the over the door rack I have now. Second, I want to use baskets on the top shelf to group items like purses, gloves, hats, etc. keeping them out of sight. Third, I want to remove the extra rod we have and install several hooks to hang belts and bags. Martha Stewart has an article on her website that gives lots more great closet outfitting ideas.

Utilize floor space, because what else will you do with it?

Step Three: Get what you need. For this task, I took some guidance from The Lucky Shopping Manual, tailoring it to my needs. For instance, my job does not require me to wear suits, and I rarely don a cocktail dress, but I do need lots of comfortable flats and dressy jeans. Take a look at what you have and fill in the blanks, but be tough. Don’t just buy something to fill a wardrobe hole. Buy it because it looks good on you and makes you feel great. Of course, this can’t get done in one weekend. It’s an ongoing process. Keeping a list of your needed items handy will make shopping easier when you can get around to it.

The shoes! Oh! The shoes!

Step Four: Organize what you have. Everyone agrees: group your clothes by item, season, and color. My husband’s side will be a breeze. Dress shirts, sweaters, slacks, jackets. My wardrobe will pose more of a challenge. I figure I’ll begin by separating by season, then item, then arranging by color. I love the look of a color organized closet!

A good wardrobe doesn’t have to be big, just versatile.

Step Five: Maintain it! All that hard work will be for naught if I let it fall by the wayside once again. So step five is to clean, reorganize, and, if need be, purge every couple of months. The result? A beautiful closet, an easier morning routine, and a happy husband!