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Diane von Furstenberg Home Collection!!

Perhaps you have already heard (I hadn’t) that Diane von Furstenberg is launching her new home collection sometime this month. If you haven’t heard, well, now you have!! I am so excited to see all of her new home line! I love her designs and so far I have really liked what I have seen of her home collection. She uses color but not too much and funky shapes for her tableware. From what I’ve read via Oprah Magazine, the DVF home collection will be carried at Bloomingdale’s and can be ordered through the Diane von Furstenberg website. DVF also offers a line of rugs which are already available. Check it out below.

 I like that the leopard print is in purple and pretty blues. (photo from Oprah magazine)
 Batik bedding and fun, funky shaped tableware. I love the bedding!
 I love these Batik Dot sheets! (photo from Oprah magazine)
 Colorful coasters and mugs. (photo from Oprah magazine)
 The Spiral Hearts rug is shown here. Available through The Rug Company. (photo from beautiful, anything)
The Funky Zebra rug. (photo from beautiful, anything)

Real Simple: Faux Malachite Jewelry Box

In this month’s issue of Real Simple, the incomparable Faux Malachite Jewelry Box is a featured item.  This is the 2nd time that our favorite green box was highlighted in a major magazine.  The 1st being in the August 2009 issue of Oprah.  All I can say is, “I love Real Simple and I love Oprah!”

Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star!!

Oprah and TV producer Mark Burnett are looking for talent to host new shows on Oprah’s new network, OWN!! The talk show categories they are casting for are: 
Traditional Talk Show, Cooking, Interior Design and Fashion, Health & Wellbeing and a Wildcard category. There is an open casting call June 12th at the KOHL’S in Dallas; that’s the closest they will get to Houston but you can also submit your audition (online submissions must be in by June 26, 2010) through the Oprah website. If you’ve ever wanted to host your OWN show, now is your chance!!

Nate Burkus’ Farewell

For those of you who haven’t heard, Nate Burkus recently appeared on Oprah for his final appearance on her show (boo!). He’s heading to New York because he is the next person to have been touched by the “Oprah Factor” and will now get his own show (hooray!). Berkus became a main staple on Winfrey’s show after redecorating a small studio apartment into a lavish, multi-functional space.

I’m a huge fan of Nate Burkus, not only because he’s a little cutie but, because he has a gift to turn any room into a work of art. If you guys didn’t see the show, his tip for small areas is to place large items into the space so that you’re not reminded of its size.

Oprah + High Fashion Home!

The September Oprah issue just hit newsstands. The Faux Malachite Jewelry Box made the O List as one of the few things they think are just great. This is the first time High Fashion Home has ever been mentioned by Oprah magazine. So it was pretty emotional seeing it for the first time.

The Perfect Sofa: Oprah

Nate Berkus gives some great tips on how to the pick the perfect sofa. Mainly, buy the plainest, most neutral, and most classic sofa you can find. There are two reasons for this. One, you’ll get sick of a patterned, crazy color sofa. Two, you can have the flexibility to transform the look of a sofa with accessories (throws, pillows, etc).
Here are the perfect sofas from Oprah:

You can’t go wrong in your formal living room with a Chesterfield style sofa. I’m a little partial to our Chester Sofa. But if I had to pick one, I like the bottom sofa. Unfortunately, it retails for over $11,000.

For your traditional sofa, you can go a multitude of directions. The Century Furniture piece in the middle retails for $2800. It’s their petite take on a camel back sofa.

Slipcover sofas. I’ve owned one, and I loved it. You can’t go wrong with the Alexa Sofa from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams at the top. My sister has it in her house. I can testify that it’s comfortable from the amount of times that I’ve crashed on it. Plus, it’s a great value at $1299.

In our tailored sofas category, I’m a big fan of the top two. The top one is the Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel. Great mid-century modern sofa. It was the sofa in “The Break Up” with Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. The middle sofa is the Lampert Sofa from Jonathan Adler. The frame is beautiful. The white lacquered based is a refined touch.
With your minimalist sofas, you can’t go wrong with the Klippan Sofa from Ikea. You get 98 inches of sofa and it’ll only cost you $499.

In the ultramodern sofa category, always bet on Vladimir Kagan. The Hahn Sofa (at the top) is a stylish piece that will look just as beautiful floating in the middle of the room as it does against a wall.

Genius Decorating Ideas: Oprah

We decided to heed Oprah’s advice and reinvent our Louis Dining Chairs with a fresh turquoise fabric. If you ever visit Red 8 (Great food by the way. Try the Potstickers.) in the Wynn Las Vegas, they upholstered their booths in the same fabric (in a red color way).

See how some classic designs mixed with modern sensibilities turn familiar home furnishings into some oh-so fresh.

The Louis dining chair frame is so classic. When you blend it with some unique fabrics, it makes it eclectic, cool, and new.

Thomas Paul pillows taking classic silhouettes and infusing some fashionable colors.
I love the Martha Stewart Windsor armchair. The table is from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams.
Modern cuckoo clocks. Urban Outfitters‘ silvery version and Anthropologie‘s powder-coated metal ticker reinterprets clock.

Ralph Lauren brings a Southwestern flair to towels.

Reichenbach porcelain service by Paola Navone, Anthropologie. Vintage porcelain dishes glazed in platinum, Clio.

Jonathan Adler‘s homage to era’s past with his funky pillows.

L.L. Bean Pineland cube covered in Paradise Background linen.