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Dana Wolter Interiors

I love when interior designers can flip back and forth between refined and neutral to whimsical and colorful; Dana Wolter is a designer that brilliantly executes that flip. Dana and her team blend rustic with elegant and classic with modern with exceptional attention to detail. Love their work! 
(all photos from Dana Wolter Interiors)

CC’s 5 Faves – Room Ideas

If you’ve been wanting to makeover a room but feel a little stuck in the idea department, you have got to check out our Room Ideas! I chose my 5 fave Room Ideas and shared them below. Please, check them out! Happy room planning!!

Caitlin Wilson Interiors

The interiors by Caitlin Wilson are not short on color or sophistication. Caitlin has been making peoples interior dreams come true since 2007 and she loves creating that perfect space for her clients. There is an elegance to her designs and she pays great attention to detail in each and every space.
(all photos from Caitlin Wilson)


Google’s New Tel Aviv Office!!!

Holy cow! If this is an office building, what the heck do the rest of us work in?! Google recently unveiled their new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel and WOW! 85,000 square feet (7 floors) of unique and inspirational work space. Nothing about this office looks conventional (well, except for the actual cubicle area). Color is around every corner, there are so many fabulous prints everywhere, an over-sized surf board conference table, a gym and a slide… even a sitting area that looks like the outdoors! Google, I already knew that you were awesome but this just raised my level of respect for you. AMAZING!
(all photos from freshome)

True Blood: The New Compton House

I love True Blood (every Sunday night on HBO). I love Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer who is also married to Anna Paquin, who plays Sookie on the show). And I LOVE the remodeled Compton house (set) on True Blood! In seasons 1-3, the Compton house was severely run down and looked ready to be torn down but season 4 brings us the new, fabulously chic Compton house.
(photos from The LA Times)

 The foyer. The chandelier is the thing that inspired me to blog about this new set. I LOVE, LOVE it!!
(chandelier is from H.D. Buttercup, metal sphere surrounding chandelier is from Mortise & Tenon, hall table from Craig Olsen and wall sconces from LAMF)

 I like the neutral colors in the living room with the sofas facing each other. Love the stripes on the curtains and the lamps are beautiful.
(Sofas are from Cisco Brothers, coffee table is from H.D. Buttercup and the lamps are from Mortise & Tenon)

 The office is darker with beautiful wallpaper, faux crocodile chairs and another amazing chandelier.
(Desk is from Eric Brand Furniture, faux croc chairs from 22 Bond St., chandelier from LAMF and the custom silk drum shade around the chandelier (LOVE that look) is from H.D. Buttercup)

I do love the wallpaper and the colors in the office. Don’t even get me started on the gorgeous Alexander Skarsgard and Stephen Moyer!!

>Houston Furniture Designer- Cubb

>Hello to all! I really do enjoy the “Shop Local” option that Etsy has because it makes finding people in your own city so easy and I LOVE supporting my locals. Today I found Cubb. Cubb is a Houston based, husband and wife furniture shop on Etsy. They make beautiful, “Mid Century Danish Modern” inspired wood pieces (all by hand!) and have been for about 10 years now. Truly wonderful things!

 The Mid Century Danish Modern Wooden Table Lamp. Made of Mesquite. So simple and lovely. The desk/shelf is also a Cubb creation and here is better picture of it.

The Leaning Bookshelf with Desk. They do offer the bookshelf without the desk too.

The Hans Wegner style foot stool. Can also be customized as a bench.

Hand woven 1960’s era White Oak Dining Chair.

LOVE their Mid Century Danish Modern Style End Table! It’s just so pretty. 

The Coffee Table and Entertainment Unit are also Cubb made. However, neither is listed for sale on the Etsy shop BUT if you love them they can be made for you; you just have to message Cubb and let them know you’re interested in whichever one. The Coffee Table is beautiful.

Lovely Home in Charlotte

I saw this house while checking out Southern Living. The house is so classic and beautiful on the outside and it just gets better once you walk through the door. I really enjoy the different prints and colors used throughout the house. Love it.

I have always loved houses that look like this one.

The family room. I love this room so much! Every piece of furniture is a different print but they all work so well together. That mirror? Fuhgettaboutit! : ) And there is plenty of seating so everyone can hang out together.

Now, green is my favorite color so I love the green walls and other little touches of green in this kitchen. Even if it weren’t green I would still love it. I think every kitchen needs to have an island. I like the big window and the mix of glass door and solid door cabinets.

I LOVE that the stove is set in an alcove! I’m not sure why other than I think it looks neat.

The breakfast area is great! Yes, I love the lime green chairs but I also think the bench seating along the wall is very smart and then the storage space under that seating is brilliant!

The dining room looks great! I absolutely LOVE the chandelier!!

Daughter’s bedroom. Of course, more green (love it) and I like the little reading corner complete with tent. The wallpaper is fun too and livens up the whole room.

This is the son’s room. Love the bright colored bedding in the same room as the black and white curtains!

This is the “office“. Truly, it’s my kind of office. Very organized and uncluttered. Nice.

The parent’s bedroom is much more neutral and simple but still very great looking.

Love, love this bathroom! It’s got so much great light coming in. I bet a bath in that tub is so relaxing!