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Hampton Home of Katie Lee

You probably know Katie Lee from the Food Network and her fabulous cookbooks. If you have never seen her homes, you are missing out on some classic and beautiful design. Domino recently featured Katie’s Hampton home and there are a lot of special things going on in it! Katie worked with Nate Berkus to mix fantastic textiles, unique accents and timeless pieces to create a homey yet elegant abode.
(all photos from Domino)

The Ex-Home of Katie Lee Joel

I am a big Nate Berkus fan and the former home of Katie Lee Joel is a perfect example of why. Full of exquisite design and beautiful pieces, this house is impeccable. There is something to love in every room.
(all photos from Hello Lovely and Evan Joseph)

Pirate Ship Bedroom!!

Now, there are bedroom themes and then there is this Pirate Ship Bedroom! This loft/bedroom space, designed by Steve Kuhl, looks exactly like a small Pirate Ship!! How I would have loved something like this when I was a kid! Heck! I would love to sleep in a room like this now!
(photos from Nate Berkus)

 Designer, Steve Kuhl