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Natalie Irish- Liptastic Artist!!

I recently read about Natalie Irish in The Houston Press. She is a Houston-based artist that is receiving a lot of attention lately because of her work. She paints with her lips. Yes, you read that correctly. She creates amazing pieces using her lips and a tube (or several tubes) of lipstick. When looking at her work you would never guess that her lips had anything to do with it! Natalie is an amazing artist and her artwork doesn’t stop at lipstick. She also does thumbprint pieces, acrylics, oils, ink, sculptures, pottery, fashion pieces!! Whew! She has numerous items available through her website. Check out some of her stuff! 

Norma Jean. Natalie literally kissed this piece together. It’s all lipstick and kissing the paper. Amazing!

This one is called Influence. Yep, it’s more lipstick and lip prints! Incredible.

Kate is a combo of pencils, acrylics and lip prints. I love this one.

The Beatles she created with ink and thumbprints. Thumbprints! Incredible.

This one just cracks me up! (done with acrylic)

Natalie’s Kitty Hawk oil painting is so beautiful.