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MSN’s Hottest Home Colors

If you are anything like me, then picking a new color for a room is no easy decision. There are so many to choose from, so many various shades and at some point, I almost give up and want to just leave it the color that it is! Ugh. MSN recently featured their Top 10 Home Colors so I thought I would share them. Maybe their suggestions will make choosing your next color, a little bit easier.

(photo from homedit)

(photo from Pinterest)

Monte-Silo House!!

I have always thought that living in a round house would be neat! Today I saw this little blurb about round houses on MSN. The Monte-Silo home they listed really caught my eye and I wanted to share it. It has a very unique exterior (the house is made from 2 linked corrugated metal grain silos), a beautifully interesting interior and it’s located close to the Provo River in Utah (beautiful views!).
(home design by Gigaplex Architects and photos from Contemporist)


Pretty Fab Prefabs!!

Beautiful, modern and “I want one!” are not words that usually come to mind when I think of prefabricated homes. Then I came across this article on MSN! The article shows off 10 prefab designs and each of them are quite fabulous looking! See what I mean…..

An Ideabox home decorated by Ikea
A kitHAUS module
The C6 by LivingHomes
 The weeHouse by Alchemy Architects