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Unique Boutique Hotel in Milan!!

Take the ground floor of a commercial space in Milan, add a unique vision and some bright colors and you have Town @ House Street! This little hotel (thought up by Alessandro Rosso) is made up of 4 individual rooms that are accessed straight from the sidewalk. Once inside, you find the walls lined with black and white murals of the city and bright green, yellow, red and orange furniture pieces. If you are ever in Milan, you may want to have a stay.
(photos from freshome)

The entrances to the rooms.

The Glass House by Santambrogio!!

You guys may have seen this house before but it’s new to me! How incredible!!! Almost everything in the house is made from glass, even the bed frame but it does have a regular mattress. ; ) The house was created by the design firm, Santambrogio. I’m sure there are lots of rules when living in a glass house (don’t throw stones) but how awesome. Just imagine all the stars you could stare at from the comfort your bed!