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Interiors by Massucco Warner Miller

There are just so many supremely talented interior designers out there and the founders of Massucco Warner Miller are definitely some of those incredible designers. Founded by Julie Massucco Kleiner, Melissa Warner Rothblum and Carrie Miller, Massucco Warner Miller create beautiful and interesting rooms. Check out some of their work.
(all photos from the Massucco Warner Miller website)

Suzani Style!

I love all things Suzani. I love the designs, I love the colors, I love the texture. The blend of silk and cotton combined with the unique designs and colors give a Suzani an elegant but eclectic feel. While these pictures are not all real Suzani’s, they are still lovely pieces and would not be quite as expensive as the real deal.

 Suzani at the foot of the bed
(photo from C Magazine)

Suzani print chairs
(photo from Graham and Green)
 Suzani bolster
(photo from Wisteria via Tomboy)
Suzani print chairs
Suzani Ottoman
(photo from Elle Decor)