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Interiors by Emily Johnston Larkin (EJ Interiors)

I love supporting local businesses and it just so happens that interior designer, Emily Johnston Larkin (EJ Interiors), is based in Dallas, Texas!! A mere 3.5 – 4.5 hour drive (depending on how speedy you are) from Houston.

I really enjoy Emily’s sophisticated design approach and her bold wallpaper and color choices are fantastic! D Home Magazine also selected Emily as one of the best interior designers in Dallas! Here is some of her work –

 (photo from EJ Interiors via  Decor Pad)
 Additional view of the same room as above
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo from EJ Interiors via HGTV)
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)
 (photo via Decor Pad)
(photo from EJ Interiors via Decor Pad)

Plus Design!!

I LOVE talking up Houston’s local businesses and the locals that I am going to talk about now are the peeps over at Plus Design. Plus Design is headed by designer and founder, Marty Joyce. Marty has over a decade of experience in creating custom furniture pieces and architectural fixtures for homes and businesses. You can see some of Plus Design’s handiwork at local Houston businesses such as Settlement Goods and Paulie’s. Here, here! Take a look. Well done, Marty! : )
(all photos from Plus Design

The display shelves along the wall are a Plus Design creation.
(photo from Settlement Goods)

The Concrete Bar Table made from stained concrete, reclaimed mesquite and steel is gorgeous!
West Maple Lamps. Oh so hot in red.
Love, love these pipe restroom mirrors!!
Plus Design is also responsible for the louvered windows at Settlement Goods.
Plus Design’d banquettes at Paulie’s.

DumpTruck Design!!

Reclaimed wood. Reclaimed steel. Antique furniture being given new life and a makeover. Custom cabinetry and commercial work. Incredible, one of a kind pieces. Welcome to DumpTruck Design. Located on Washington Ave., right here in Houston, DumpTruck Design produces the most original, creative and beautiful work! Cory Wagner leads the crew at DumpTruck in creating unique and interesting pieces for their clients. Well done!

 Dual Chairs designed by Cory Wagner and Marty Joyce. A broken antique chair given new life.

 Dual Chair 1. Made from Antique Rosewood and Steel.

 Custom cabinets made from reclaimed wood from Wagner Hardware in Bellaire.
A close up

 I love this piece. The NL Design Table is made from reclaimed pine (from a Houston Heights home) and reclaimed steel (from a construction site dumpster).

 This Substantial Slab Bench is beautiful! The hand burnished flame finish and polished surface is so different and gorgeous.
A close up
DT Bar Table and Stools made from Steel and Reclaimed Cedar.