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Caroline Legrand Design

The interiors by London based designer, Caroline Legrand, are sophisticated and eclectic. Caroline creates spaces that are elegant and inviting with a slightly whimsical side. I love the textured wall coverings and especially appreciate all of the unique lamps.  
(all photos from Caroline Legrand)

CC’s 5 Faves – Lighting

Lighting makes a big impact on the overall look and feel of a space. With so many choices out there, choosing the perfect lamp, chandelier, pendant can take some time. Below, I share my 5 Fave High Fashion Home lighting options. I hope you enjoy them too!! 
(all photos from High Fashion Home)

Love the simplicity of the Swing Arm Pinup Sconce. The reclaimed wood is an excellent touch.

I love the shape and details on the Devon Chandelier!
The Crystal Base Dome Lamp is the perfect size for an end table or desk.
Love the brushed brass of the Juliet Sconce
 The Mason Globe Pendant is simple and a little bit industrial. Love it.

Concrete and Rubber United!!

The words, concrete and rubber are not often put together in the same sentence. I don’t think that I have ever heard of them being put together to make a light fixture either…. UNTIL NOW! Renate Vos’s Concrete Bin pendant lamp is made mostly of concrete and has a thin silicone rubber border. Truly unique and inventive.
(all photos from design milk)

Ennis Lamp!

Flipping through my mother’s Real Simple magazine, I came across a lamp that I KNEW I had seen before. I have loved this lamp before….. haha. That sounds all dramatic. But seriously, Real Simple featured the Ennis Lamp (also sold at High Fashion Home) as part of their “40 Elegant Home Furnishings” in this months issue. The Ennis was added to the list by interior designer, Jon Call who had this to say about the lamp – “When you buy a lamp, you often have to change the shade, but this is perfectly proportioned and complementary. The base adds pattern to a room. I’ve flanked a bed with a pair.” Well done, Ennis Lamp! Thank you to Real Simple and Jon Call!

We actually blogged about the Ennis Lamp a year ago as part of CC’s 5 Faves – Lighting. Such good taste. ; )

Go Green and Gold!

I so love this space. I’m not sure what site the picture originally came from but I found it while pinning like a maniac on Pinterest. I love everything about this! The mirror is excellent, the cabinet is a beautiful color and I love that the lamps have the simple, clear base because it allows the space to not look too busy. Just wanted to share. Happy weekend all!!

CC’s 5 Faves: Lighting

Every room needs lighting, unless you just like being in the dark. Now, whether you need a table lamp, floor lamp or some sort of hanging lighting will be the decision you have to make. Each option offers something different to the space and can be as stand out or blend in as you want it to be. Here are some great High Fashion Home items you may want to consider.

   I LOVE the Ennis Sphere Lamp! The brass base is so interesting and the shade is perfectly complimentary.
The Cora Floor Lamp is definitely and eye catching piece. 
 For something a little more colorful and fun there’s the Gypsy Chandelier

I love the Rittenhouse Pendant. It’s very refined and elegant.
 For a fantastic pop of color, the Isis Lamp is perfect!

Fun Things I Found On The Internet!

I have been browsing the web A LOT today and came across numerous neat, fun and whimsical items and wanted to share some of them with you! Enjoy!

This is the Box Lounger by Loook Industries. Loook designed this chair to give privacy in public. The lounger dampens surrounding noise plus it’s really interesting to look at.
(photo from Moco Loco)
 Dragon’s Tails Lamps by Luisa De Los Santos-Robinson. These are so awesome looking!
(photo from Contemporist)

 I love this room divider by Luis Eslava Studio for LZF Lamps. It’s very beautiful and would do interesting things to light coming in the room.
(photo from Trendir)
 LOVE this Wood Camera iPhone Case by Photojojo!! It’s so creative, beautifully made and fun!!
(photo from Design Milk)
 These hand sculpted, embossed and inlaid leather textiles, by Genevieve Bennett, are so beautiful! They can be used for wall coverings, headboards or simply as wall art.
(photos from Design Milk)

These Antique Dice Tables from Grandin Road are super cute! They would add an unexpected touch to the decor.