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Dana Wolter Interiors

I love when interior designers can flip back and forth between refined and neutral to whimsical and colorful; Dana Wolter is a designer that brilliantly executes that flip. Dana and her team blend rustic with elegant and classic with modern with exceptional attention to detail. Love their work! 
(all photos from Dana Wolter Interiors)

Benjamin Dhong Interiors

If you are looking for someone to create a unique, refined and luxurious space, Benjamin Dhong may be just the designer you’re looking for! Benjamin’s interiors are elegant and eclectic at the same time. I love that he enjoys a well placed mirror (or a whole wall of them), big art pieces and he’s not afraid to bring a little drama to a room. Love his work!
(all photos from Benjamin Dhong)

Marvelous in Manhattan!!

This Manhattan apartment is only 800 square feet but you would never guess it while flipping through these pictures! There is so much color, so many great prints, fantastic art pieces and such fabulous furniture. Designer, Ashley Whittaker,  didn’t let the small size of this space keep her from treating it like a penthouse. Those wallpapers! Love it all.
(all photos from House Beautiful)

Amazing Tile Floors

I love the intricate and multicolored designs you can get with tiled floors. Chevron, Herringbone, Mosaic, Moroccan inspired….. There are so many amazing tile floor ideas out there. Here are just a few –

 Photo from The Tory Blog
 Photo from Pinterest
Photo from Head Over Heels
Tiles from Purpura,  photo from Present & Correct
Photo from Indulgy
 Photo from Just The Design
Photo from Pinterest

Bobby Flay at Home!

Well, I would expect Bobby Flay to have ONE incredible kitchen, but he has TWO! Not only does he have an amazing indoor kitchen but there is an equally fantastic kitchen outside. And, the rest of his home (which he shares with his wife, actress Stephanie March) is all kinds of lovely! Check it out.
(all photos from Elle Decor)

The Breakfast Nook

Breakfast nooks always look so cozy and wonderful. I’m not sure what it is about them that makes me wish that I had one. Here are some great inspiration pics for the breakfast nook you’ve always wanted (or didn’t know you wanted).

 Pops of purple and storage on the bench seating. Love!

The big windows, the colors and that floor! 
(photo from Pinterest)
 A small nook done well!
 (photo from Architectural Digest)
Great colors.
(photo from Centsational Girl)
 Love the wallpaper!
Love the yellow and blue!!
(photo from Coastal Living)
So bright and cheery!
 Lots of seating for the family
(photo from Pinterest)

The Pairing of Green and Blue

Maybe the inspiration for this post came from my new green and blue flip flops? Maybe it was inspired by my recent gaze outside where all I see is green trees with the beautiful blue sky? Either way, green and blue together makes sense.

 I love that headboard
(photo from Pinterest)
AMAZING wallpaper!
(photo from Brunch at Saks)
Oh yes. And, that lamp is adorable!
(photo fro DENY Designs
 Love the back-splash of color!
(photo from Pinterest)
LOVE the various shades of green and blue!
(photo from Decor Pad)
Yes and yes!
(photo from Decor Pad)