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Amazing Manhattan Apartment!

I found this incredible Manhattan apartment today thanks to Elle Decor. It was recently completely redone by acclaimed interior designer, Steven Gambrel. To say that this home is beautiful is an understatement. There isn’t one room that wasn’t done to perfection. Enjoy! : )

 The living and dining room is so spacious and Mr. Gambrel put seating everywhere! I love that this area has a lot of furniture but the flow of the space isn’t interrupted at all.
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I love the colors in this room and again, ample seating.
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Love this orange sideboard! I think the color is unexpected and very eye catching.

I love a good kitchen setup and design and this is both. I have always liked the idea of bench seating on one side of the table and chairs on the other. The floors are incredible looking.

Lots of counter space and storage space in this kitchen. Just beautiful.

I really love all the built in cabinets and drawers in this apartment. The playroom needs lots of storage space and it looks great!
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I like that the kids room is very simple and crisp but still totally kid looking.

The bedroom is kept pretty neutral but has lots of textures. Lovely.
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Do You Pinterest?

My friend, Whitney, is a Pinterest-aholic. She is always Pinterest this, Pinterest that and for good reason. If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest that you do. Pinterest describes their site as an “online pin-board community” where anything you love, find interesting or beautiful, places you want to visit etc. can be Pinned to your boards and shared with everyone who follows your boards. I have seen so many great design ideas, fabulous recipes and such; it’s fun. If you know someone who is already on Pinterest they can send you an invitation or you can request an invitation through the website. Check out some of the Pins.

 Glass Jar Pendants. Pinned by my friend, Christian.
(from West Elm)

 Another Pin from Christian. She loves the table from CB2.
 A Pin a la Whitney. I love this space too! 
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Another Pin from Whit. I want to be wherever this is!
(photo from homedsgn
 GREAT idea! A recessed wine bin in your picnic table.
(from Dwell)
 Another great idea Pinned by my cousin! Ribbon lampshade.

Or simply share things that make you laugh. This is pretty funny!

>JENZET, The Little Illustrator (Local Artist)

>Today, while on Etsy, I came across the cutest shop!! It’s called Jenzet (aka The Little Illustrator) and in that shop you will find some of the most original and adorable prints! The original pictures were done on a real sheet of paper with a real pen (by Jen of Jenzet) and then digitally colored. The prints available through this shop look great and have such sweet images and messages; I just love them. Also, Jen can do custom prints for you, you need only talk to her about it. AND, did I mention that she is right here in H-Town?? Enjoy! : )

  “Cooler Thank You Think” could also be called, Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover. A good message. She also does this print on a t-shirt.

 “I Love Vinyl” who doesn’t?  

Make The Best Of Today“…. a good reminder

 “Mon Amour” I love this one! So precious.

 “Their Chemistry” is clever and completely adorable!

 “The Meaning of Music”   : )

  “Feeling Bubbly” I love this.

Wall to Wall(paper)

I don’t know if it’s just me finally starting to notice or if wallpaper has always been so great looking? I bought a copy of House Beautiful the other day and really loved a lot of the wallpapers used in the featured houses. Then today I checked out Elle Decor and saw more neat wallpaper. I think wallpaper is an easy way to add personality and color to a room. Here are some good examples.

 I would have LOVED this to be my room when I was younger! The room was designed by Grant K. Gibson. He used a wallpaper from De Gournay for the Elle Decor San Francisco showhouse.

Another De Gournay wallpaper. More on the dramatic side but it looks great!

A fun and bright wallpaper, by China Seas, is used in a girls bathroom.

Then there’s the Dreamscape Mural wallpaper from Anthropologie. Love it.

Lovely Home in Charlotte

I saw this house while checking out Southern Living. The house is so classic and beautiful on the outside and it just gets better once you walk through the door. I really enjoy the different prints and colors used throughout the house. Love it.

I have always loved houses that look like this one.

The family room. I love this room so much! Every piece of furniture is a different print but they all work so well together. That mirror? Fuhgettaboutit! : ) And there is plenty of seating so everyone can hang out together.

Now, green is my favorite color so I love the green walls and other little touches of green in this kitchen. Even if it weren’t green I would still love it. I think every kitchen needs to have an island. I like the big window and the mix of glass door and solid door cabinets.

I LOVE that the stove is set in an alcove! I’m not sure why other than I think it looks neat.

The breakfast area is great! Yes, I love the lime green chairs but I also think the bench seating along the wall is very smart and then the storage space under that seating is brilliant!

The dining room looks great! I absolutely LOVE the chandelier!!

Daughter’s bedroom. Of course, more green (love it) and I like the little reading corner complete with tent. The wallpaper is fun too and livens up the whole room.

This is the son’s room. Love the bright colored bedding in the same room as the black and white curtains!

This is the “office“. Truly, it’s my kind of office. Very organized and uncluttered. Nice.

The parent’s bedroom is much more neutral and simple but still very great looking.

Love, love this bathroom! It’s got so much great light coming in. I bet a bath in that tub is so relaxing!

Green Dream Home

The people over at HGTV have done it again!! They have already given away the 2010 Dream Home, located in Sandia, N.M., but have a “green” home up for grabs. This years eco-friendly cottage was built in Plymouth, M.A. and looks like a comfy and environmentally conscious way of living. The sweepstakes for the Green Dream Home ends June 4th, so check it out! Who knows, you might win and/or learn new environmentally friendly ideas that you can incorporate into your home.

The cottage features Energy Star-rated shingles and copper roofing along with a rooftop solar panel system.

The red couch and side chair in the living room look great with the white decor. They add a pop of color and it looks very inviting.

Everything about the way the dining room is set up lets you know that every meal will be intimate. Check out the HGTV link to get a great look at the table, its amazing up close!

The kitchen has a very clean and classic look. The island counter top is a gorgeous red that ties into the living room.
The tower, located on the third floor, has beautiful views of the surroundings and is great for a small workroom or a place to sit and read.

The master bedroom.

The kids room, located next to the master, is cool and fun with bright colors and bunk beds.

The back patio is equipped with a grill that can be hidden out of the way with sliding doors.

A view of Plymouth Beach.