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Olive and Cocoa!!

I found Olive and Cocoa thanks to Oprah Magazine. Originally I was attracted by a succulent planter box that was featured in a Mother’s Day Gift Ideas part of the magazine but when I went to the Olive and Cocoa website, there was SO much more! If you are in the market for unique gifts, edible delights or a fabulous floral arrangement, check out Olive and Cocoa!

 The Succulent Trough that drew me in

Say, I Do to BHLDN!

BHLDN is a fairly new wedding brand from the retail family that brought us Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free People, Terrain and Leifsdottir. Just yesterday, BHLDN opened their first ever physical store right here in Houston!! BHLDN offers beautiful wedding gowns, decor ideas, jewelry, accessories and more! Visit them in Highland Village.

(photo from Rebecca Rose Events)

Some of their beautiful jewelry.
(photo from Parties by Kristen)

Shop Local: K & K Artistry

I just love this shop on Etsy! The designers behind K & K Artistry live here, in Houston, and create some of the most interesting jewelry and accessories I’ve seen! Enjoy. : )

 I love this Clockwork Clutter Necklace! She uses real watch pieces to fill the inside.

Watch Parts Steampunk Necklace. Actual watch faces used and set in resin.
Red and Cream Ribbon Cuff has leather flowers and brass gears. 
 Brass Steampunk Propeller Locket. A beautiful piece.

Fantastic Jewelry By Houston Designer!!

I love checking out what Etsy has to offer; there’s so much. Even more, I love when I come across a local designer with amazing items! I adore the creations by Desi. Her Etsy shop is called bijouxbydesif and her jewelry is wonderful! Check out her pieces below…. oh yeah, she’s is currently having an end of the year sale!! Bonus!

Green is my favorite color! These Green Peridot Branch Earrings are so pretty.

I love these! They are so lovely and delicate looking. Blue Chalcedony Leaf Earrings.

Aquamarine and Orange Chalcedony Chandelier Earrings. I love the 2 different stone colors together.

These Cairo-Pearl Earrings are one of my favorite!

How about these Pink Mystic Quartz Swirl Earrings?? Beautiful. 

Silver Chic Designs

I checked out Etsy today looking for neat earring holders/organizers. Originally I was looking for some sort of tree type earring holder but I came upon these amazing twisty copper things and I fell in love with them. They are such simple, clever designs and are very visually appealing. I liked them so much I even put one on my Amazon wishlist (another wonderful thing, by the way). Tonight I went back to Etsy and looked at these items again and noticed that the designer of these wonderful creations is right here in Houston!! Please check out Silver Chic Designs… you’ll see what I’m talking about.

 I love the twisty, loopy, copperyness of it all! This one is called the Copper Vortex. It’s a great way to display your earrings and it can easily rest on top of your dresser. I like that it makes use of vertical space so it doesn’t take up a lot of room. Plus, it looks so neat!

This is the Lombard Street Earring Hanger. I love the snakish shape AND you can hang it on a closet rod; which is perfect if you don’t have much dresser top space.

 Here is the Birdcage Bracelet Organizer. Another different looking and beautiful piece.

This is so beautiful! It’s the Tropical Breezes Necklace Hanger. Of course it could be used for bracelets too!

Give the Treble Clef Earring Display to the music lover in your life. Every piece looks so well made and unique.

 She also has some pretty necklaces in the mix. This is the Stone Painting Necklace.

Hey Ladies….

…we are so excited that you’re gonna stop by this Saturday to hang out with us at the Boutique at High Fashion Home!
We just received our Saivana shipment for our trunk show and we are all going crazy for the new pieces. I’d show you a few now, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise!
Oooooh! And the DePetra gals will be here as well and they have a brand new collection we haven’t seen in our store yet! Yeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

We can’t wait to see our good friend Tonya from Beauty for Real. It’s the only lip gloss we carry when we go anywhere now. The tube has a light and a mirror… it saves so much room in my evening clutch!

And bring your appetite because we will have mimosas and mini cupcakes from Houston baker Sugar Shack. …Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

See you at the Boutique in High Fashion Home on Saturday August 21 from noon to 3!
and check us out on tidbits today!

Real Simple: Faux Malachite Jewelry Box

In this month’s issue of Real Simple, the incomparable Faux Malachite Jewelry Box is a featured item.  This is the 2nd time that our favorite green box was highlighted in a major magazine.  The 1st being in the August 2009 issue of Oprah.  All I can say is, “I love Real Simple and I love Oprah!”