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Kishani Perera Design

I REALLY had to use restraint when choosing which pictures to include in this post. I don’t know how it’s possible that I have never before laid eyes upon the work of Kishani Perera. Kishani creates interior brilliance; spaces that ooze charm, warmth, elegance and personality. Kishani and her team layer vintage and modern items with eclectic accents, great color, perfect texture and prints, such a tremendous attention to the details. Super fan over here!!
(all photos from Kishani Perera)

Jenny Wolf Interiors

The work of Jenny Wolf Interiors is impeccable and fun. Each space she designs is infused with great personality and an effortlessly layered flow. Jenny and her team work to include their clients’ personal pieces and blend them with beautiful modern furniture to create unique interiors, full of style and comfort. Fabulous!
(all photos from Jenny Wolf Interiors)

Dana Wolter Interiors

I love when interior designers can flip back and forth between refined and neutral to whimsical and colorful; Dana Wolter is a designer that brilliantly executes that flip. Dana and her team blend rustic with elegant and classic with modern with exceptional attention to detail. Love their work! 
(all photos from Dana Wolter Interiors)

Tribeca Townhome

I love the variety of looks going on in this fabulous Tribeca home! Some rooms are super polished and refined while others are more relaxed and eclectic. Perfectly mixing colors, lots of texture, bold prints and unique accents, has created a warm, eclectic and inviting abode.
(all photos from Luxe Source)

DHD Interiors

I LOVE the designs by DHD Interiors!! In one home, their spaces are elegant and classic and then in another, they flip their switch to funky and eclectic. DHD know how to pick a room enhancing but not overbearing wallpaper and unique pieces that add depth to the space. Brilliant work!!!
(all photos from DHD Interiors)