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The Home of Busy Phillips!

I’d like to thank In Style for featuring Busy Phillips and her fabulous home in their magazine a few months ago! I absolutely LOVE her place. So many timeless furniture pieces with lots of personality thrown in!
(photos from In Style via The Decorista)

 Gorgeous staircase! And the birdcage is a fantastic touch!

 Oh my gosh! Those are such wonderful chairs! The throw pillows are a nice pop of color.

 I love her laid back yet sophisticated dining room.

LOVE her purple heals!

 Her daughters room is so adorable and the bathroom is classic.

LOVE, LOVE her mirrored vanity!!

White On!!!

I have always loved white rooms and white furniture but I am not brave enough to actually have an all white (or mostly white) room or sofa, for that matter. But I do love all the white. It’s so bright, so clean and everything goes with it!

(photo from Shoot Factory)
(photo from Laura Day)
(photo from me & Alice)
 (photo from Design Sponge)
(photo from Centsational Girl)

Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town!!

My friend, Kerri, told me about the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s small (only 13 rooms) and every room is completely different. Owners of the hotel gave various artists complete creative freedom to paint, fill, create the spaces however they wanted to. The result is an eclectic mix of rooms that you will not find in any other hotel. Book a room if you are ever Cape Town bound!