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Jenny Wolf Interiors

The work of Jenny Wolf Interiors is impeccable and fun. Each space she designs is infused with great personality and an effortlessly layered flow. Jenny and her team work to include their clients’ personal pieces and blend them with beautiful modern furniture to create unique interiors, full of style and comfort. Fabulous!
(all photos from Jenny Wolf Interiors)

DHD Interiors

I LOVE the designs by DHD Interiors!! In one home, their spaces are elegant and classic and then in another, they flip their switch to funky and eclectic. DHD know how to pick a room enhancing but not overbearing wallpaper and unique pieces that add depth to the space. Brilliant work!!!
(all photos from DHD Interiors)

Amanda Carol Interiors

I love Amanda Carol Interiors! Amanda infuses every design with such vibrance, personality and sophistication. Her interiors are never boring and include so many excellent accents; just check out the incredible chandelier in the dining room below!! Love, love, love!!!
(all photos from Amanda Carol Interiors)

Maxime Jacquet

“WHAAAAT?!” was the first thing I said when I saw Maxime Jacquet’s work in a Beverly Hills, mid-century style home. I have never seen work like Maxime’s before. His interiors are incredibly stylish and unique with WOW factors around every corner.
(all photos from Maxime Jacquet)

Lucinda Loya Interiors

I love featuring supremely talented interior designers!! When those interior designers are local, the bragging is even more fun! Lucinda Loya Interiors (LLI) lives right here in Houston, TX and her work is quite fantastic. LLI’s interiors are eclectic, elegant, bold, glamorous and totally unique. Each LLI design looks very high-end but still has a comfortable and approachable feel. Love it all!!
(all photos from Lucinda Loya Interiors)

Christina Murphy Interiors

I am so happy to have stumbled upon Christina Murphy Interiors. Christina Murphy, Meg Gabriele and Nina Carbone make up the CMI firm and they create some truly inspired designs! Their spaces are so elegant, creative and classic with a twist. I appreciate that they love a great lacquered wall, that they blend modern furniture with antiques and they are not afraid to throw around some color and amazing prints and wallpapers! Love it all!!
(all photos from Christina Murphy Interiors)