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Houzz – "Know Your Sofa Options"

Recently, Houzz took the time to school us on the various options we have when it comes to choosing the perfect sofa. Cushions, arm style, backs, skirted or not, Houzz gives us the low down on the things to think about before you start shopping.  Houzz honored High Fashion Home by using our very own Gorgeous and Glowing Room Idea, featuring our Lily Grand Sofa, as their skirted example. Tremendous THANK YOU! to Houzz for including us in their post!!!
(all photos from Houzz and HFH)

Our Gorgeous and Glowing Room Idea!!

Houzz’s – To Chop or Not to Chop

Last week, we received the huge honor of being featured in Houzz’s Ideabook – To Chop or Not to Chop (pillows, that is)!!! First, THANK YOU, HOUZZ!!! ūüôā Second, we wanted to share the Ideabook and some of the photos they featured.

For those of you that are not familiar with pillow chopping, it’s literally lightly karate chopping the center of the top seam (or sometimes on the side) on your throw pillows. Chopping pillows has become a popular way to give pillows more shape and enhance their look on a sofa, chair or bed. Whether you yell “Hiya!!” when you do this is completely up to you. Enjoy, HIYA!!

 Our Sea Glass Room Idea that was featured in the Houzz Ideabook!!

 Photo from Niki Papadopoulos via Houzz

 Photo from Susan Glick Interiors via Houzz

Photo from Jennifer Brouwer via Houzz

Photo from Terrat Elms via Houzz

2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase

Take 27 interior designers, give each of them a chunk of an 8,000 square foot house, let them loose and you have the San Francisco Decorator Showcase house! Every room has a unique look and some are crazier than others but it’s so fun!!
(all photos from Houzz)

Interiors by Nichole Loiacono

Nichole Loiacono has an eye for small, funky details. Whether it’s a little room accessory or a swan shelf for the wall, Nichole finds eclectic pieces that add character to the spaces she designs. Love her work!
(all photos from Nichole’s website and blog)

White and Bright in Barcelona!!

I stumbled across this gorgeous Barcelona home on Houzz! The ground-level apartment is only 1,130 square feet but there is so much style and amazing in this place. Interior designer Mireia Pla created the warm interior of this space using white as the base with purple to add pops of color and lots of natural textures. Pla also made sure that this home had no shortage of sunlight by using floor to ceiling windows and skylights. Love, love this Barcelona beauty!
(all photos from Houzz via Miss Design)

Plate Collages!!

Art comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and sometimes in the form of plates. A great plate collage on the wall can be just the statement piece your space was missing. Plate collages are super versatile too. Mix and match plates, matchy match them all, use different sizes and shapes….. Here is some inspiration!

A great mix of white and color!! Love.
(photo from shelterness)
Lovely blue and white arrangement.
(photo from LivingEtc. via Remodelista)

Colorful and spaced.
(photo from Houzz)

Even half plates and 3/4 plates! Love the squared off look of this setup.
(photo from Pinterest)
High Fashion Home’s Green Free Form Lily Plates alone would do the job!
Outdoor plate collage!!
Love the placement of this collage!
(photo from Pinterest)

Fire It Up!!

We don’t have a tremendous need for fireplaces in Houston but this latest cold snap got me thinking about them. Not to mention, I have been smelling neighboring fireplaces all night tonight. Love that smell. You can do A LOT with your fireplace and turn it into an amazing room centerpiece. Some inspiration….. traditional and not so traditional options.

(photo from Pinterest)

Love this stand alone fireplace! Just make sure your kids watch out. 
(photo from The Style Files)
The Zeta EcoSmart Fire is so different!
(photo from NUVO)
 Beautiful fireplace in this amazing farmhouse!
(photo from Houzz)
(photo from lamb & blonde)
 LOVE this space!!
(photo from Tumblr)