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L + J Industries in Houston!

I came across L + J Industries of Houston on Etsy today and I LOVE their creations…. Or should I say re-creations? The company consists of twin sisters, Lynne and Julia Schafer, who take vintage furniture and redo it with a colorful, modern twist. They also make their own things that are Mid-Century inspired. Their pieces are so fun and eye catching! Check ’em out.

Vintage Inspired Patchwork Footstool. They created the patchwork design with pieces of their favorite fabrics. 
 1960’s Arm Chair. Love the black and white!

Vintage Thonet Bentwood Chairs. Such a fun pattern! The fabric really transforms the chairs.

Mid-Century Inspired Starburst Bench. Again, the fabric really makes it!

Shop Local: K & K Artistry

I just love this shop on Etsy! The designers behind K & K Artistry live here, in Houston, and create some of the most interesting jewelry and accessories I’ve seen! Enjoy. : )

 I love this Clockwork Clutter Necklace! She uses real watch pieces to fill the inside.

Watch Parts Steampunk Necklace. Actual watch faces used and set in resin.
Red and Cream Ribbon Cuff has leather flowers and brass gears. 
 Brass Steampunk Propeller Locket. A beautiful piece.

>JENZET, The Little Illustrator (Local Artist)

>Today, while on Etsy, I came across the cutest shop!! It’s called Jenzet (aka The Little Illustrator) and in that shop you will find some of the most original and adorable prints! The original pictures were done on a real sheet of paper with a real pen (by Jen of Jenzet) and then digitally colored. The prints available through this shop look great and have such sweet images and messages; I just love them. Also, Jen can do custom prints for you, you need only talk to her about it. AND, did I mention that she is right here in H-Town?? Enjoy! : )

  “Cooler Thank You Think” could also be called, Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover. A good message. She also does this print on a t-shirt.

 “I Love Vinyl” who doesn’t?  

Make The Best Of Today“…. a good reminder

 “Mon Amour” I love this one! So precious.

 “Their Chemistry” is clever and completely adorable!

 “The Meaning of Music”   : )

  “Feeling Bubbly” I love this.

>Houston Furniture Designer- Cubb

>Hello to all! I really do enjoy the “Shop Local” option that Etsy has because it makes finding people in your own city so easy and I LOVE supporting my locals. Today I found Cubb. Cubb is a Houston based, husband and wife furniture shop on Etsy. They make beautiful, “Mid Century Danish Modern” inspired wood pieces (all by hand!) and have been for about 10 years now. Truly wonderful things!

 The Mid Century Danish Modern Wooden Table Lamp. Made of Mesquite. So simple and lovely. The desk/shelf is also a Cubb creation and here is better picture of it.

The Leaning Bookshelf with Desk. They do offer the bookshelf without the desk too.

The Hans Wegner style foot stool. Can also be customized as a bench.

Hand woven 1960’s era White Oak Dining Chair.

LOVE their Mid Century Danish Modern Style End Table! It’s just so pretty. 

The Coffee Table and Entertainment Unit are also Cubb made. However, neither is listed for sale on the Etsy shop BUT if you love them they can be made for you; you just have to message Cubb and let them know you’re interested in whichever one. The Coffee Table is beautiful.