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Destination – Soneva Resorts!!

It’s time for a vacation! Right?! I’m sure we could all use one… Unless you are already on one, in which case, CONGRATS! If you’re not though, these pictures may get you inspired to get out! Soneva Resorts = 100% AMAZING!!! Soneva Fushi is nestled in the supremely gorgeous Maldives and Soneva Kiri is in breathtaking Thailand. Both feature incredible villas that you would probably never want to leave. Get your passport ready, STAT!!
(all photos from Soneva Fushi and Soneva Kiri)

W Retreat in Thailand!!

Oh my! Can we please talk about how incredible this place looks!! W Hotels are known for their luxurious accommodations and stylish decor and the W Retreat in Koh Samui (by MAPS Design) is no exception. Fantastic views of the gorgeous landscape abound and glistening waters surround you. Enjoy a spa day, curl up with a book in the W library or take a nap on an outdoor lounger by the pool. On my long list of places to visit!
(photos via Contemporist)

Vivanta in the Maldives!!

Oh Maldives…. how do I love thee?? While I have never been there, this is definitely somewhere that I WANT to go! I came across a new hotel there, the Vivanta by Taj, and it’s incredible! See if you don’t want to go too after looking at these pictures!
(photos via freshome)

Unique Boutique Hotel in Milan!!

Take the ground floor of a commercial space in Milan, add a unique vision and some bright colors and you have Town @ House Street! This little hotel (thought up by Alessandro Rosso) is made up of 4 individual rooms that are accessed straight from the sidewalk. Once inside, you find the walls lined with black and white murals of the city and bright green, yellow, red and orange furniture pieces. If you are ever in Milan, you may want to have a stay.
(photos from freshome)

The entrances to the rooms.

Das Park Hotel!

Have you ever seen those huge, concrete drain pipes and thought “Hey, those would make great hotel rooms!”? No? Well, Andreas Strauss did and he created a “hotel” with them. There are 2 Das Hotel locations; one in Austria and one in Germany. The rooms are incredibly minimal with just a bed, lamp and a skylight. The hotel is also unique in that the cost of a room is “what you want to pay”. A different idea indeed.
(photos from the Das Hotel website)

Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town!!

My friend, Kerri, told me about the Daddy Long Legs Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa. It’s small (only 13 rooms) and every room is completely different. Owners of the hotel gave various artists complete creative freedom to paint, fill, create the spaces however they wanted to. The result is an eclectic mix of rooms that you will not find in any other hotel. Book a room if you are ever Cape Town bound!

Colorful, Panetone Hotel in Belgium!!

On my “Things To Do in 2012” list, traveling more is definitely up there! I’m not sure that I will make it all the way to Belgium this year but when I do, I would love to visit the Panetone Hotel. This has got to me one of the most colorful hotels ever! I like that the interior of the hotel is mostly white with lots of bright splashes of color in artwork, furniture and even the mugs.