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Innovative Home Design in Australia!

I just love reading about people thinking outside the box. Simon Laws of Anthill Constructions went way outside the box when he collaborated on the design of this fantastic, eco-friendly home near the Great Barrier Reef in Australia!! The Drew House (owner is Australian artist, Marian Drew) was created to be a homey, camp site like structure for the Drew family. The house is mostly prefabricated and has rainwater tanks, solar hot water and electrical panels AND a community water recycling system! So cool!
(photos from freshome)

 The prefab pieces are connected by decks and metal roofs.

 I love this covered outdoor area!!

 2 separate sleeping areas connected by a walk deck.
 Such gorgeous wood decks and floors!! I love the rounded main living area of the house!
 Huge windows that open wide to the outside.
 LOTS of seating (or extra sleeping space) inside!
I love this window setup! The wood panels can be open or shut to help control the air flow in the space! Brilliant!

Such a simple kitchen design but so fabulous!

 This rounded walls of the living room remind me of the Hobbit homes! Love it!

So gorgeous.

"Casa en el Bosque" in Mexico!

This gorgeous house (in Valle de Bravo, Mexico) came across my path via Inhabitat today. “Casa en el Bosque” (designed by Parque Humano Architects) means “House in the Forest” and has some extremely beautiful surroundings complete with mountain views. The house was constructed using locally sourced and sustainable materials and was designed with the surrounding nature in mind. The inside of the home actually has cutouts in the ceiling with pine trees growing through them!!
(photos from Inhabitat and Contemporist)

 Oh my goodness, the view is incredible!

 LOVE the ceiling!

The Redwoods Treehouse in New Zealand!

This has got to be one of the coolest structures ever! The Redwoods Treehouse was originally created as a marketing campaign for Yellow (New Zealand’s version of the Yellow Pages) in 2008. The idea was to create this treehouse using only sources from Yellow. The treehouse later became a venue for corporate functions and events. Who wants to go to New Zealand for company team building fun?!?
(photos from Redwoods Treehouse website, weburbanist and nzwood)

 The lighting is so beautiful!

 Awesome, right?!

 Gorgeous surroundings!

Hobbit House by Simon Dale

I don’t think you have to be a fan of The Lord of the Rings to appreciate this house. It was designed and constructed by Simon Dale and his father in law. From start to finish, the house took between 1000-1500 man hours and he only spent around $5000.00!! Simon and his family wanted to be close to nature and that they are. The house is literally in the side of a hill and uses as many natural materials as possible (Simon offers plans for the house through his website). Who wouldn’t want a little Hobbit Hut? One house to rule them all! 
(photos from Inhabitat)

 Just like something straight out of the movie!

The living room

A view of the kitchen

Mr. Dale constructing the roof


>I heard about MetroSofa (created by David Ballinger) sometime in the past week while reading The Houston Chronicle. The article featured their British Flag Throne Chair. Pretty cute, so I decided to see what other things MetroSofa had to offer. Of course I saw more cute things and was then pleasantly surprised to read that “Renewable, Sustainable, Recyclable, Reclaimed” are some of their favorite words. Most of the furniture begins with a gently used wood frame and then the folks at MetroSofa fill it in with whatever they want or they also do custom orders (they can and will print anything on fabric!). Check out some of the items below.

Here is the British Flag Throne Chair that peaked my curiosity. 

I love the Yellow Crushed Velvet Louis Chair! So bright and cheery.  

Also, while checking out the website, I found out that MetroSofa isn’t just MetroSofa; their sister sites are MetroShed (actually the Mother site), MetroCabin, MetroShip and MetroArtwork

 An example of the MetroShed. It’s prefab and whatever you want it to be.

An example of MetroCabin. Another prefab item. Small guest house maybe?

And, MetroShip, is you’ve ever wanted a houseboat!

h2hotel in Healdsburg, CA

I originally came across the h2hotel via Dwell; then I visited the h2 website. What a cool hotel! It’s built to Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold green building certification (out of reclaimed wood and concrete); complete with a green roof. Every one of the 36 rooms has it’s own balcony or patio. Lots of the furniture is very classic and white with funky and fun pieces thrown in. You can rent a bike from the hotel and explore your surroundings. And don’t forget the water sculpture “Spoonfall” by Ned Kahn and the Spoonbar restaurant. Looks like a really neat place to stay.

 The h2hotel.

 The living roof. Succulents galore and so beautiful.

 The Spoonfall waterfall. 2,000 stainless steel spoons!

 The Spoonbar restaurant.

 A view of the pool through the lounge.

 The pool.

 I LOVE the furniture in the lounge area!

 Bike rental

 Standard guest room.

 Queen size foldout couch.

And, the bathroom with Japanese style soaking tub.