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Shades of Gray!!

No, this post is not about the books 50 Shades of Grey or Shades of Grey. WAIT! Keep reading anyway. The color gray is so versatile and soothing and goes with just about anything! If you’ve been wondering how to throw some gray in the mix, here are some photos to inspire you. : )

Gorgeous gray bathroom. I love the leaf print on the wall!
(photo from House Beautiful)
Love all the gray touches in this room! And the different bedside tables are fabulous!
(photo from Centsational Girl)
I love that the chairs are almost the same color as the walls! So lovely. 
Love the light gray in this kitchen and the open cabinets!! 
(photo from Prada Answer)
 HFH room idea Grey Matters featuring the Beckett Sofa and the Mongolian Pillow in Grey.
Love this room!!
(photo from the LENNOXX)
Gorgeous entryway!!
(photo from Conspicuous Style)
Dark gray and white. So crisp and clean!