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New York Penthouse

If you have ever wondered what masculine elegance (sure, that’s a thing) looks like, this New York penthouse is it! Interior designer, Jane Kim, used reclaimed wood, exposed brick walls, steel, slate and Moroccan tiles to give this home an easy going sophistication. Fantastic!
(all photos from freshome)

Country Hill in Austin, Texas!!

I love Texas. I mean, I do live here after all. We really do have some gorgeous country and this Austin, TX home is situated right in it! Designed by Jauregui Architects, the Country Hill residence is big and beautiful, Texas style. The interior is not fussy and very classic. I am not usually a fan of exposed brick on the inside of a home but even I could live with this.
(all photos from freshome)

Small and Sleek in Sydney!!

Small homes can be a tough beast to tackle. Where to fit everything and still have space to move around and live? Minosa Design Studio took a modest, two level home and gave it a bunch of style, lots of function and still had plenty of room for break dancing. The kitchen has white, sliding doors that hide the pantry and all the cabinets which gives the space a clean, spacious feel. Plus, they created a  pretty amazing kitchen table that is actually much bigger than it looks.
(all photos from freshome)

Google’s New Tel Aviv Office!!!

Holy cow! If this is an office building, what the heck do the rest of us work in?! Google recently unveiled their new office space in Tel Aviv, Israel and WOW! 85,000 square feet (7 floors) of unique and inspirational work space. Nothing about this office looks conventional (well, except for the actual cubicle area). Color is around every corner, there are so many fabulous prints everywhere, an over-sized surf board conference table, a gym and a slide… even a sitting area that looks like the outdoors! Google, I already knew that you were awesome but this just raised my level of respect for you. AMAZING!
(all photos from freshome)

Recycled Victorian Chair!

Created from 5PLY corrugated boards made with recycled paper, the Victorian Chair-Eco Remix is unique AND eco-friendly. Designed by Prasanna Sankhe, of HYPHEN, this black and white cardboard chair is simple, classic and funky all at the same time. Surprisingly, the chair will support 260 pounds and, as far as Victorian chairs go, is pretty inexpensive. Check it out!
(photos from freshome)

This House is ALIVE!

Well, the house itself is not really alive but the outside of it is covered in over 4500 living, growing plants!! Green roofs have been increasing in popularity over the years and now we have green…. facade?? Not sure what to call it but I love it! The interior of this Lisbon home (designed by Luís Rebelo de AndradeTiago Rebelo de Andrade and Manuel Cachão Tojal) isn’t too shabby (wink, wink… it’s pretty incredible) but the exterior is what gets people talking and taking notice of this truly unique home. There’s even a pool on the roof!
(all photos from freshome)

Small and Splendid in Sweden!

I love it when people can take a small space (in this case 630 square feet) and turn it into an incredible living space that doesn’t skimp on anything. This attic apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden is so charming and fits so much style and function within it’s 4 walls. All the windows and the long wooden deck help make the apartment feel bigger too. Love it!
(all photos from Freshome)