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Grand Entrance!

Past the front door, the entryway is the first spot your guests experience when they visit your home. What do you want that first impression to look like? Whether yours is just a small hall space or a medium size room, don’t overlook it. The entry is a chance for you to give a decorative glimpse of the rest of the house. Here are some inspiring entryway pics!

I love everything about this entryway!! The wallpaper, the light, the colors and it’s so roomy!
(photo from First Sense)
Simple and lovely!
(photo from Decoist)

 Love all the blues and that wallpaper!!
Just one wall. They could have left it naked but this looks is so much more complete and fabulous! Our Regiment Suitcase Stack Chest would look great here!
(photo from My Home Look Book)

 Need some extra storage space? This design is perfect.
(photo from Rooms We Heart)

 Love the floor to ceiling mirror!
(photo from Pinterest)

 Just a tiny spot by the stairs but it looks great!
(photo from Alter Ego Diego)