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Olive and Cocoa!!

I found Olive and Cocoa thanks to Oprah Magazine. Originally I was attracted by a succulent planter box that was featured in a Mother’s Day Gift Ideas part of the magazine but when I went to the Olive and Cocoa website, there was SO much more! If you are in the market for unique gifts, edible delights or a fabulous floral arrangement, check out Olive and Cocoa!

 The Succulent Trough that drew me in

3 Course Meal Thanks to Pinterest!

Oh how we love Pinterest and all of the how to’s, DIY projects, and inspiration it brings. Besides loving Pinterest, we, at High Fashion Home, love food as well! As we glace through all the foodie boards, we realize dinner could be serve plenty times over. So we decide to make a three course recipe tonight of Pin’s. Let’s explore what pin’s we choose to fill our empty stomach’s at the end of the day. No one wants to see us grumpy!

Chicken Pot Pie Cupcakes
Can’t get enough of southern comfort foods! 
Spinach and Soba Noodle Soup
 Savory and tasty!
S’mores Cupcakes
Sophisticated touch to a children’s dessert. The perfect ending!

Blogs We Love: More Design Please!

I found More Design Please today while browsing the fabulous Internet. More Design Please (MDP) is a fun blog created by Summer and she shares some fabulous fashion finds, decor ideas, food and design ideas! Take a peek. : ) I will definitely have More Design Please!
(all photos from More Design Please)

MDP shared Slow Wood Tables. I love these pieces! They are handmade with natural finishes and mineral paint.
More Design Please also shared this Kitchen Bull knife block, book shelf, cheeseboard combo by toro legno!! I love this! What Texas kitchen could be complete without it?!?
Ladies, how have you lived without this pink glitter tote (from Maryam Nassir Zadeh)?!? Thank Summer for finding it for you!
Gosh I love this room!
She also found these beautiful River Mirrors by Caryn Moberly. Gorgeous. They are made from burred elm and made to look like water flowing between 2 river banks.
 How about some yummy Dirt Cups! Crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and more!

 Pallet Wine Shelving!! DIY pallet ideas are everywhere!!

Bora Bora, I Love You!

Bora Bora, I really do love you!

Here is the sequel post to “Maldives, I Love You!“.  I’m going to try and mince few words since the pictures are screaming loud and clear about the meaning of true love.

This is the magical hut from the movie, Couples Retreat.  Hotel accommodations are courtesy of the St. Regis Bora Bora.
I wouldn’t mind crying in front of man, woman, or child with this breathtaking sunset.

There is no need to fly in fresh seafood when you are dining on this island.

The water is so bright and blue that my eyes are actually squinting when I look at this photo.

I just want to drag around a portable chair to different parts of the island in order to just sit and stare at the scenery.

Blogs We Love: Fancy House Road

I found Fancy House Road while searching for yellow decor ideas earlier this week. The site is run by mom, Debbie, and her three daughters, Camberley, Keighley and Kiersten. They blog about Home Decor, Fashion, Food and anything else they feel like. I love their “Quote of the Day”!

 Love the ocean inspired decor post!

They love Pinterest too!
 Love this space!

Yummy recipes like this BBQ shrimp dish!

Broccoli Tree House

A father’s love for his son knows no bounds.  If you feel that you can’t build a real world-sized tree house, try the broccoli tree house.  All you need is broccoli, balsa wood, a craft knife, and glue.  It’s healthy, eco-friendly, and won’t give your kid any splinters.

Food Journey: North

This might be my favorite sandwich of all time. 

The Braised Short Rib sandwich from North Restaurant is pure heaven. It is an off the menu item. There is so much flavor packed in the braised short rib, you don’t even need the side of mustard.  The lightly steamed broccoli and prosciutto was the perfect, refreshingly zesty side dish.  I get emotional just thinking about this sandwich.  North, do yourself a favor and put this on the main menu!

North Restaurant is located in the Domain Shopping Center in Austin, TX.

Love is such a strong word that I try not to throw around lightly.  This is truly LOVE at first bite!