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Mackenzie Horan – Design Darling

We feature a lot of interior designers via our blog but today, we are featuring a blog. With so many blogs out there, finding one that you like can be a bit difficult; Mackenzie Horan‘s, Design Darling, is SUCH a good one! Mackenzie features lots of fashion, designers, interior inspiration, a little bit of food and tidbits from her online boutique, Design Darling {the boutique} (I love her boutique!!). Check her out!!


Event Decor by White Lilac Inc.!

The holidays are rapidly approaching and if you need some decor ideas, White Lilac Inc. has PLENTY of incredible inspiration!! Their event creations are spectacular and while most of us may not be able to pull off everything that they do, these pictures are still fantastic and will give you some ideas! ( I especially love Light Me Up)
(all photos from White Lilac Inc.)

Just Because…..

I have been browsing through SO MANY pictures today that I decided I would post a variety of shots, just because I love them. Why not?

 (photo from Verdigris Vie)

 (photo from Pinterest)
(photo from We Love Domino)

(photo from here)
 (photo from Cecilia Blankens)
(photo from Flickr)
(photo from Moxie Fab World)

Fresh Flowers

I absolutely LOVE having fresh flowers in my house. They are so pretty and so colorful… they make me happy. A bunch of cheery sunflowers can brighten up a room and an aromatic bunch of peonies can bring some elegance to the center of a table.

 Peonies are so beautiful! I love that these are in a simple mason jar. Just a note about peonies; the lighter the peony color the more fragrant they are AND when you buy them, make sure that most of the buds are closed pretty tight because they open up really fast!
(photo from The Decorista)
 Orchids are simple and elegant plus they last a lot longer than your standard bouquet. I had a white one in my bathroom and it added that little oomph that makes a big difference.
(photo from Casasugar)
 Pretty pink roses in a simple tin. 
(photo from My Sweet Savannah)
Love, LOVE this room! The yellow tulips compliment all the blues in this room so well!
(photo from Isabella & Max Rooms
I love this idea of a “floating vase”. Just hang flowers anywhere and everywhere!
 (photo and DIY instructions from Cupcakes and Cashmere)
Sweet Peas

Decorating the Thanksgiving Table!

Thanksgiving is in a few days and I’m sure you’re all getting ready for it. I am helping my grandmother plan and decorate for our family festivities this year and for the past week we have been talking about the table (or tables, since there will be close to 30 of us getting together this year!) So, I’ve been looking for some inspiration and found some pictures I thought were worth sharing. Thank you Better Homes and Gardens!

 This is such a simple idea and wouldn’t take long to put together. The flowers look so beautiful in the gourds and you could just have several of these running down the middle of the table.

I love this flower pumpkin. It would take a little time but it looks amazing!

I think the cranberries would make for a more dramatic centerpiece. Gorgeous!

All the colors of Fall. The table looks very festive!

I love this! Green always looks good in the center of the table. And another easy idea. They look good clustered together in the middle of the table but you could also set them alone.