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Gather & Build – The Bradford

I was recently introduced to Gather & Build (thanks to Pinterest “Home Decor” searches) and I am in love with their blog!! The blog features lots of great before and after pics and design ideas. I had to share their Bradford Avenue project because the final result is simple fabulousness!
(all photo from Gather & Build)

Fire It Up!!

We don’t have a tremendous need for fireplaces in Houston but this latest cold snap got me thinking about them. Not to mention, I have been smelling neighboring fireplaces all night tonight. Love that smell. You can do A LOT with your fireplace and turn it into an amazing room centerpiece. Some inspiration….. traditional and not so traditional options.

(photo from Pinterest)

Love this stand alone fireplace! Just make sure your kids watch out. 
(photo from The Style Files)
The Zeta EcoSmart Fire is so different!
(photo from NUVO)
 Beautiful fireplace in this amazing farmhouse!
(photo from Houzz)
(photo from lamb & blonde)
 LOVE this space!!
(photo from Tumblr)

Tiny Cabin on San Juan Island

This cabin is only 500 square feet but it’s got so many great things going on!! It was designed by Olson Kundig Architects to be a writer’s cabin/guest house.There are 3 functional decks for when the house is in use but those same decks raise up to secure the house when it’s not in use. Fabulous design, wonderful interior. Love it.
(all photos from Contemporist)

Having the decks lift up to close up the house is genius!

Side view of the house while open.

The interior is kept simple but it’s beautiful. The fireplace rotates 180 degrees so it can warm the inside or the deck area outside. Fabulous!

Another view of the inside. This house does have a kitchenette and a bathroom. That looks like a Murphy bed too! Flip that bad boy up for more space.

A nighttime view.