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Mackenzie Horan – Design Darling

We feature a lot of interior designers via our blog but today, we are featuring a blog. With so many blogs out there, finding one that you like can be a bit difficult; Mackenzie Horan‘s, Design Darling, is SUCH a good one! Mackenzie features lots of fashion, designers, interior inspiration, a little bit of food and tidbits from her online boutique, Design Darling {the boutique} (I love her boutique!!). Check her out!!


Let’s Talk About Lace, Baby!!

My cousin, Tommy, got married this past weekend and his new wife, Catherine, wore THE MOST BEAUTIFUL dress!! It was head to toe, tiered lace and she looked AMAZING in that gorgeous gown. Congratulations you two!! : )

Lace is supposed to be big this season so after drooling over her dress (not literally) I decided it was time to look into the lace trend. We’re not talking just doilies here. Home decor, furniture, fashion; lace is all over the place (hey! that rhymed).

Love, love the shabby chic lace canopy!!
(photo from LadyLimoges)
Lace balloons for your party decor?! YESSSS!!!
(photo from Thought Collage)
Lace etched mirror from Anthropologie.
 Sexy, silver lace heels.
(photo from Pinterest)
Maybe a lace stenciled ceiling??
(photo from Bella Tucker)
Lacey rug? Perhaps it’s just a lace stencil. Either way, it’s fantastic!
(photo from Pinterest)
Hot pink and lace!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)
Lace cuff!!
(photo from M & J Blog)
Oh so fabulous lace earrings!!
(photo from Fashion Diva Design)

Mark and Estel @ High Fashion Home

We have just published the Mark and Estel Collection online! Mark and Estel Clothing are hand-made pieces that are designed with a unique look. Their clothing is made for comfort with a touch of style that will go with anything in your wardrobe. Constructed with seamless ends and a cozy feel, these pieces will never go out of style. Mark and Estel are known for stylish, luxurious, comfortable, casual but couture, cutting edge women’s wear that they make in a new and innovative way. Click below to look at their collection and shop away!

Diane Von Furstenberg for Gap Kids!!!!!!

I can’t tell you how EXCITED I am about the teaming up of Diane Von Furstenberg and Gap Kids/Baby Gap!!!!!! I LOVE Gap Kids already and I heart DVF too so this is magical!! Her Gap Kids/Baby line will be available on March 15, 2012! Her are some of the items you will find in her collection. So adorable!!!
(photos from Flare)

Blogs We Love: More Design Please!

I found More Design Please today while browsing the fabulous Internet. More Design Please (MDP) is a fun blog created by Summer and she shares some fabulous fashion finds, decor ideas, food and design ideas! Take a peek. : ) I will definitely have More Design Please!
(all photos from More Design Please)

MDP shared Slow Wood Tables. I love these pieces! They are handmade with natural finishes and mineral paint.
More Design Please also shared this Kitchen Bull knife block, book shelf, cheeseboard combo by toro legno!! I love this! What Texas kitchen could be complete without it?!?
Ladies, how have you lived without this pink glitter tote (from Maryam Nassir Zadeh)?!? Thank Summer for finding it for you!
Gosh I love this room!
She also found these beautiful River Mirrors by Caryn Moberly. Gorgeous. They are made from burred elm and made to look like water flowing between 2 river banks.
 How about some yummy Dirt Cups! Crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and more!

 Pallet Wine Shelving!! DIY pallet ideas are everywhere!!

Missoni for Target!!

I am so excited about the Missoni items landing in Targets everywhere tomorrow (September 13th)!!!! I love Target (who doesn’t) so it’s not like I need a reason to go there but I will DEFINITELY be checking out the new Missoni line! I love the zigs zags, the colors and it’s not gonna cost me my soul! Check out their stuff. What do you think?
(all photos from Fashionista)

Natalie Irish- Liptastic Artist!!

I recently read about Natalie Irish in The Houston Press. She is a Houston-based artist that is receiving a lot of attention lately because of her work. She paints with her lips. Yes, you read that correctly. She creates amazing pieces using her lips and a tube (or several tubes) of lipstick. When looking at her work you would never guess that her lips had anything to do with it! Natalie is an amazing artist and her artwork doesn’t stop at lipstick. She also does thumbprint pieces, acrylics, oils, ink, sculptures, pottery, fashion pieces!! Whew! She has numerous items available through her website. Check out some of her stuff! 

Norma Jean. Natalie literally kissed this piece together. It’s all lipstick and kissing the paper. Amazing!

This one is called Influence. Yep, it’s more lipstick and lip prints! Incredible.

Kate is a combo of pencils, acrylics and lip prints. I love this one.

The Beatles she created with ink and thumbprints. Thumbprints! Incredible.

This one just cracks me up! (done with acrylic)

Natalie’s Kitty Hawk oil painting is so beautiful.