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Thanksgiving Is Next Week….. What?!?

Riding in the car today, my 14 year old nephew turns to me and says, “Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week?” I must have looked confused and of course I was thinking, “No. It’s not next week” but it is!! Wasn’t yesterday Halloween? So, of course I had to spring into action and offer up some Thanksgiving decorating ideas so here they are!

 Love this succulent, persimmon, moss and pine cone mix!! So beautiful.
Another shot from the same table. I think the persimmons as place holders is so cute!
Love the colors on this table!
(photo from Country Living)
WOW! Perhaps a little over the top but WOW!
(photo here)
So beautiful and of course it’s from Martha.
(photo from Martha Stewart)
I love the DIY flowers so much! Such a bonus that they are made out of paper bags!
(photo and how to directions from A Place For Us)
Love this!