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Love for Chesterfield!!

I was inspired to blog about Chesterfield sofas by my friend, Whitney. She has said several times in the last 2 months that she really wants to get a Chesterfield and after looking at LOTS of pictures featuring these gorgeous, deep button tufted, leathery, velvety beauties…. well, here we are. I heart Chesterfields. Thanks, Whit. ; )
Check out all the High Fashion Home Chesterfield options here

(photo from Apartment Therapy)

 A truly British Chesterfield
(photo from Decadent Green)
Beautiful space!! The Chesterfield beneath the window = perfect!!
(photo from Apartment Therapy)

Photo from The Beauty I See

 Photo from Elle Decor
LOVE this patchwork Chesterfield from namedesignstudio via Etsy.

Photo from High Fashion Home featuring the Henry Sofa.
 LOVE ALL of this so much!!!
(photo from arkpad)

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!

In honor of Earth Day, which is this Sunday, April 22nd, I thought we should have a post dedicated to Earth friendly items and ways to lessen our carbon footprint. Whether it’s re-doing a piece of furniture rather than buying a new one or using natural, non-toxic household cleaners, every little bit helps and each of us can make a difference. HAPPY EARLY EARTH DAY!!

Painting your house is always a big job. Anna Sova created a line of home paints, texture and stucco that are made from 90% food materials! The paints are low VOC (VOC = Volatile Organic Compounds) or no VOC. Your lungs will thank you and so will the atmosphere!
(here’s a 2011 Apartment Therapy article covering non-toxic paints)
Homemade household cleaners are so easy to make and MUCH gentler on the environment than most of the stuff you find in stores. A little water and vinegar makes for an EXCELLENT tile floor cleaner!
(photo from Young House Love. plus they have a great post covering homemade cleaners! Or this article from The Daily Green reviewing store bought natural cleaners)
 Eco-friendly furniture, such as our Leblon Coffee Table, uses reclaimed wood, sustainable and/or recycled material to create one of kind pieces. Items made from bamboo are also great to keep an eye open for! 
(here’s a great Tree Hugger article regarding going green with furniture)
 Reusable totes are great for ANY kind of shopping. This one is made from a recycled poultry feed bag by Recycled and Resewn. Also, reusing any plastic or paper bags you may already have is still helpful!
As we have covered before, organic cotton anything is much better for the environment than traditional, non-organic cotton items. Silk, hemp, jute and bamboo are more eco-friendly fabric options as well.
(photo from Coyuchi. And, here is a great Natural Environment article covering more eco-friendly fabrics)
Look for items that are upcycled, recycled or repurposed, like this Upcycle Pendant Lamp from CB2!
Need some upcycle inspriation? Check out this article from Top Online Engineering Degree. And, we all know how Real Simple gives us HUNDREDS of ideas for repurposing things!
And, of course driving a Hybrid car, car pooling, riding our bikes and just good old recycling of our paper, plastic and glass items are all great ways to be more green! HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

Edie’s Lab in Houston, TX!!

I found Houston based, Edie’s Lab, on Etsy today! Their Reclaimed Wood Letters caught my eye but those aren’t the only neat-o, Made in Houston things in their Etsy shop!! Check ’em out….


I absolutely LOVE Halloween and it’s only 2 weeks away!!! This is my favorite time of year and I have decorated for Halloween since I was a kid. I was searching the web a little while ago to see what great decorating ideas and fun stuff I could find and wanted to share some of what I found with you. SO FUN!!

 Love the Happy Halloween banner. An Etsy find from GracieBee.
 I love the look of this!! All the pumpkins, the birds and the branches. I will be using some of these ideas. It looks amazing!

I really want this one!! It’s a Gourd Jack o’ Lantern Candy Bowl from Natskreations. Have the kids reach through the eyes sockets to get their candy!! 
 This looks awesome!! A bat cave for your little Batman or Batgirl.
(photo from The Decorologist)

I really love all the pumpkins grouped together. Pumpkins are already so neat looking that stacking them together is easy yet eye-catching.

Yep, I have these Spider Larva Balls hanging outside my house! Love them!

Blogs We Love: More Design Please!

I found More Design Please today while browsing the fabulous Internet. More Design Please (MDP) is a fun blog created by Summer and she shares some fabulous fashion finds, decor ideas, food and design ideas! Take a peek. : ) I will definitely have More Design Please!
(all photos from More Design Please)

MDP shared Slow Wood Tables. I love these pieces! They are handmade with natural finishes and mineral paint.
More Design Please also shared this Kitchen Bull knife block, book shelf, cheeseboard combo by toro legno!! I love this! What Texas kitchen could be complete without it?!?
Ladies, how have you lived without this pink glitter tote (from Maryam Nassir Zadeh)?!? Thank Summer for finding it for you!
Gosh I love this room!
She also found these beautiful River Mirrors by Caryn Moberly. Gorgeous. They are made from burred elm and made to look like water flowing between 2 river banks.
 How about some yummy Dirt Cups! Crushed Oreos, chocolate pudding and more!

 Pallet Wine Shelving!! DIY pallet ideas are everywhere!!

L + J Industries in Houston!

I came across L + J Industries of Houston on Etsy today and I LOVE their creations…. Or should I say re-creations? The company consists of twin sisters, Lynne and Julia Schafer, who take vintage furniture and redo it with a colorful, modern twist. They also make their own things that are Mid-Century inspired. Their pieces are so fun and eye catching! Check ’em out.

Vintage Inspired Patchwork Footstool. They created the patchwork design with pieces of their favorite fabrics. 
 1960’s Arm Chair. Love the black and white!

Vintage Thonet Bentwood Chairs. Such a fun pattern! The fabric really transforms the chairs.

Mid-Century Inspired Starburst Bench. Again, the fabric really makes it!

Shop Local: K & K Artistry

I just love this shop on Etsy! The designers behind K & K Artistry live here, in Houston, and create some of the most interesting jewelry and accessories I’ve seen! Enjoy. : )

 I love this Clockwork Clutter Necklace! She uses real watch pieces to fill the inside.

Watch Parts Steampunk Necklace. Actual watch faces used and set in resin.
Red and Cream Ribbon Cuff has leather flowers and brass gears. 
 Brass Steampunk Propeller Locket. A beautiful piece.